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Microsoft Patents

Intellectual property is a vital part of Microsoft’s business. The list of patents below for which Microsoft is the assignee is related to touchpad technology.

Adaptive user interface pane objects

Apparatus, systems and methods relating to improved user interaction with a computing device

Ar glasses with predictive control of external device based on event input

Capacitance touch slider

Circuit board for an input device

Circular touch sensor

Classification of user input

Communication with a capacitive touch-screen

Composite unibody keyboard

Cosmetically hidden electrostatic discharge protection structures

Cosmetically hidden electrostatic discharge protection structures

Data input device and method for detecting an off-surface condition by a laser speckle size characteristic

Data input device for tracking and detecting lift-off from a tracking surface by a reflected laser speckle pattern

Data input devices and methods for detecting movement of a tracking surface by detecting laser doppler self-mixing effects of a frequency modulated laser light beam

Determining input associated with one-to-many key mappings

Device with grooves in conductive casing

Directional input device and display orientation control

Dynamic scaling of touch sensor

Enhanced scrolling

Extended above the lock-screen experience

Fabric laminated touch input device

Gesture recognition training

Gesture-initiated keyboard functions

Handheld input apparatus

Haptic feedback for a touch input device

Head mounted display and method of controlling therefor

Head-worn adaptive display

Hinged touchpad

Hover-sensitive control of secondary display

Human interface device

Human interface device with touch sensor

Input device haptics and pressure sensing

Input device with pattern and tactile feedback for computer input and control

Input optimization based on frequency of use

Integrated control for navigation, authentication, power on and rotation

Integration of navigation device functionality into handheld devices

Invisible control

Keyboard with input-sensitive display device

Keyboard with touch sensitive zones and corresponding computer user interface

Low-profile pointing stick

Media-aware interface

Metal and plastic composite keyboard

Method for displaying information responsive to sensing a physical presence proximate to a computer input device

Method for providing feedback responsive to sensing a physical presence proximate to a control of an electronic device

Mobile device pairing

Motion and context sharing for pen-based computing inputs

Multi-touch input device with orientation sensing

Navigating lists using input motions

Navigational interface for mobile and wearable computers

Piezoelectric haptic feedback structure

Pointing detection

Proxemic interfaces for exploring imagery

Proximity sensor in a computer input device

Roll turning and tap turning for virtual reality environments

Short range wireless powered ring for user interaction and sensing

Tactile overlay for an imaging display

Touch device with suppression band

Touch modes

Touch screen mobile device as graphics tablet input

Touch screen panel with surface having rough feel

Touch sensitive and mechanical user input device

Touchpad display

Touchscreen tapping noise suppression

Touch-scrolling pad for computer input devices

Touch-sensitive device for scrolling a document on a display

Universal user interface device

User input device

User input using proximity sensing

User interface for gestural control

User interface with physics engine for natural gestural control

Virtual controller for touch display

Virtual controller for touch display

X-y navigation input device