In the last couple of months, PatSnap has launched a number of different feature updates, and we'd like to share how you can drive the most value from them in your day to day work. We'd also like to share some upcoming features to look out for in the coming weeks. 

This webinar will focus on understanding and applying intellectual property knowledge, to the PatSnap platform. Specific topics covered in this session will include: 

- A quick summary of PatSnap's recent growth
- How to perform the perfect search with examples of common queries 
- Best practices for refining your search results 
- PatSnap Workspaces
- How to drive value from our analytical insights reports
- A look into Q3 and some special features to look out for. 

This session will be valuable for anyone looking to explore PatSnap in a little more detail, and is for both PatSnap customers, and those who have never heard of PatSnap before.


Jarrod Britton

Head of Product Support at PatSnap.