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Committing to innovation in a specific technology area requires a thorough understanding of its existing market. Researching the competing players, new technologies, most active inventors and litigators, most valuable patents and more can be a difficult and time-consuming process.

PatSnap with its knowledge partner - GreyB - a leading technology research and intelligence firm based in Singapore, provide in-depth insights through industry and technology IP reports, highlighting the key learnings that can be discovered from research into PatSnap’s analytics and innovation datasets.


Which companies are patenting Li-ion battery technology?

This intellectual property report tracks how the Li-ion battery technologies and the patents protecting them are developing, and investigates the options and strategies available to innovators in this space.

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Blockchain patents - the intellectual property landscape

This report investigates the trends, leading innovators, new players, investors and more for the blockchain industry, and highlights where the opportunities lie for innovators.

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Arthritis therapy: Innovation best-practice

This report provides a 360 degree view into the innovation landscape for the treatment of arthritis, identifying the market opportunities available to the leaders of tomorrow in arthritis therapy.

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