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Blockchain Patents: the intellectual property landscape

Disruption has become a buzzword for technologies that have the potential to change society in the most fundamental ways. Blockchain is a technology synonymous with disruption, and has already begun to challenge the globally established principles of finance. Its potential to disrupt other industries including supply chain, energy, commodities, politics and real estate means we are on the brink of a wave of innovation in this technology.

Since 2013, there has been a surge in Blockchain patent applications, which continues to rise. Organisations looking to capitalise on this new technology area have a multitude of lucrative opportunities open to them, however understanding this innovation landscape will be essential for those looking to stay ahead of the competition.

This report investigates the trends, leading innovators, new players, investors and more for the Blockchain industry, and highlights where the opportunities lie for innovators.

This technology report is written in collaboration with GreyB.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Blockchain
    1. Evolution of Blockchain
    2. The underlying technology of Blockchain
    3. What is a block?
    4. Advantages of Blockchain
    5. What triggered its popularity?
  2. What is crypto-currency?
    1. How is it related to Blockchain?
  3. Rise of crypto-currency
    1. Top 10 crypto-currencies
    2. Bitcoin: the leading crypto-currency
  4. Government regulations of crypto-currency
  5. Where does Blockchain find its applications?
    1. Finance
    2. Commodities - diamond, gold, silver
    3. Supply chain
    4. Authorship and ownership
    5. Digital certificates
    6. E-voting
    7. Gaming & gambling
    8. IoT
    9. Real estate
    10. Food traceability
    11. Data management
    12. Energy
  6. Who is currently working on Blockchain?
    1. Banks
    2. Non-banking companies
    3. Research institutes
  7. Who is trying to enter this domain?
    1. New players
    2. Startups
  8. Investments and funding
    1. Angel investors
    2. Traditional companies (banks or finance corporations)
    3. Non-traditional companies
    4. Government funding
  9. IP Activity
    1. Overview
    2. Which are the furrent focus areas?
    3. Where can you set up your R&D lab?
    4. Who are the top inventors in the domain?
    5. Collaborators
    6. Did any IP acquisitions happen?
    7. Leading patent owners
    8. Which countries will be the investment goldmines for Blockchain?
    9. Who are the leaders in different geographies
    10. Has it attracted any lawsuits/litigation ?
  10. Is Blockchain the next big thing?
    1. What can fuel its growth?
    2. Road blocks and how can we overcome them?

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