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IoT innovation report: Key players and their IP strategies

The Internet of things (IoT) and M2M technology presents a new challenge for IP professionals. For a trend expected to have an impact on the global economy in the trillions of dollars, the extent to which its techical components will even be patentable is still a matter of debate.

As the IoT industry expands and matrues, organisations are racing to cement thier position as leaders and innovators in this market. Ensuring best-practice for your organisation's IP and R&D strategy will be the key to getting ahead of the competition. This PatSnap report investigates the IoT innovation landscape, the IP strategies of the major players, and identifies the opportunities avialable to innovators in the IoT industry.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to the Internet of Things
  2. Technology Landscape
  3. Industries:
    1. Telecoms
    2. Manufacturing
    3. Automotive
    4. Smart homes
    5. Wearables
    6. Healthcare
    7. Energy
    8. Supply Chain
  4. Most active Innovators:
    1. AWS
    2. AT&T
    3. Bosch
    4. Cisco
    5. Dell EMC
    6. GE
    7. Google
  5. New Players
    1. Qingdao Kelamimei Information TECH
    2. Afero
    3. Convida Wireless
    4. Midea Group
    5. Jiangsu IoT R&D Center
    6. Telefonaktiebolaget
  6. Major Trends
  7. Geographic territories
  8. Litigation Activity
  9. Opportunities
  10. Innovaiton Strategy and Best Practices
  11. Conclusions

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