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PatSnap to Launch First AI-Powered GPT Tool to Enhance Innovation Process

PatSnap, the leading provider of innovation intelligence solutions, has announced the upcoming release of its latest AI-powered GPT product. Developed to revolutionize IP and R&D innovation services, PatSnapGPT boasts three groundbreaking features: “Patent Search Expert,” “Patent Technical Disclosure Assistant,” and “R&D Assistant.” 

PatSnapGPT is an LLM (Large Language Model) that has been designed based on IP and R&D innovation scenarios to spearhead a new industry paradigm. The “Patent Search Expert” helps IP personnel to generate patent search queries automatically, while the “Patent Technical Disclosure Assistant” generates standardized patent technical disclosures for R&D personnel. The “R&D Assistant” streamlines the search and summary of technical documents to promote operational efficiency. 

“The rapid development of LLM has increased the possibilities for AI to penetrate the field of IP and R&D,” said Jeffrey Tiong, Founder and CEO of PatSnap. “We are looking forward to enhancing the product experience and improving the quality and efficiency of technology and innovation development with these AI features based on PatSnapGPT.” 

The “Patent Search Expert” eliminates the high threshold for using patent search tools by allowing users to quickly generate plain-language search queries. The “Patent Technical Disclosure Assistant” generates clear and standardized patent technical disclosures based on the user’s technical idea. The “R&D Assistant” provides conversational answers to technical questions, enhancing the efficiency of obtaining and processing technical information. 

PatSnapGPT combines PatSnap’s AI technology with high-quality vertical field data, including patents, papers, targets, new drugs, chemical structure formulas, news, etc., to promote and perform mature models that meet the professional needs of IP, R&D, biomedicine, and other vertical fields. PatSnap plans to expand the application of LLM in vertical fields and explore a new paradigm of AI technology enabling technological innovation. 

To learn more about PatSnap and its innovation intelligence platform, please visit or sign up to join the waitlist for early access to PatSnapGPT. 

About PatSnap: Founded in 2007, PatSnap is the company behind the world’s leading AI-powered innovation intelligence platform. PatSnap provides global businesses with a connected, easy-to-use platform that helps them make better decisions in the innovation process. Customers are innovators across multiple industry sectors, including agriculture and chemicals, consumer goods, food and beverage, life sciences, automotive, oil and gas, professional services, aviation and aerospace, and education.  

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