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Innovation Profile: Luxembourg

Updated Time: 15 Nov 2018

The key growth sectors driven by innovation in Luxembourg are cancer treatment, social media analytics and next-generation sequencing services. In the last 50 years, a total of 35,738 patent applications have been filed and 37,184 have been granted in Luxembourg. The main technology areas in terms of patent volume are medicine and cosmetics. 

Growth Sectors

The table below shows the top 5 markets for innovation based on annual growth rate in Luxembourg.


VC Investment

The graph below shows the level of venture capitalist investment in Luxembourg over the past 5 years.

63,712 Active Patents

37,184 Grants

35,738 Applications

There are currently 63,712 active patents that have been granted for use in Luxembourg.

Key Technologies

Top 10 technology areas that Luxembourgian patents fall into, with the size of the box corresponding to the number of patents.

Patent Owners

The graph below shows the top companies and individuals for innovation in Luxembourg based on the number of patents they own.

Valuable Patents

The ranking below shows some of the most valuable active patents in Luxembourg.


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