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Company Profile: Hitachi

Updated Time: 6 Sep 2018

Hitachi has a total of 185,741 granted patents and 708,057 patent applications distributed into 611,393 patent families. Based on the countries of patent applications, the key markets for Hitachi are Japan, USA and South Korea. The main technology areas are semiconductor devices; electric solid state devices, electric digital data processing and information storage based on relative movement between record carrier and transducer.

772,005Total Patents

185,741 Grants

708,057 Applications

Hitachi has a grant to application ratio of 0.262, which is approximately 1 patent granted for every 3.812 patent applications.

Hitachi Granted

Geographic Breakdown

By showing the geographic breakdown of the company‘s patent portfolio, it is possible to determine the territorial markets that the company is focusing on.

TOP 3 Countries

  • Japan

    Japan is the top country/region for patent coverage with a total of 585,994 patents.

  • USA

    USA comes in 2nd with a total of 78,055 patents.

  • South Korea
    South Korea

    South Korea rounds up the top 3 with a total of 20,691 patents.

Key Technologies

Through grouping the company's patents into their various technology areas, it is possible to identify the core competence of the company.

Key Technologies

Valuable Patents

The ranking below shows some of the most valuable and core patents in this company's portfolio.

Rank Patent Title
1 KR100393123B1 동화상의부호화방법및복호화방법
2 JP2856390B2 情報記録媒体及びそれを用いた記録再生方法
3 CN100350653C Graphite particles
4 CN1322242C Friction welding method and structure body formed by friction welding method
5 CN1321166C Abradant, grinding method for substrate, and mfg. method for semiconductor device