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Industrial Innovation: Wireless Communications Industry

Updated Time: 6 Sep 2018

The Wireless Communications Industry has a total of 8,181,849 granted patents and 11,745,052 patent applications distributed into 8,946,355 patent families. Based on the countries of patent applications, the key markets are Japan, USA and China. The main technology areas are electric digital data processing, semiconductor devices; electric solid state devices and pictorial communication. The top companies in this industry are SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS, PANASONIC and CANON.

14,581,672Total Patents

8,181,849 Grants

11,745,052 Applications

The Wireless Communications Industry has a grant to application ratio of 0.697, which is approximately 1 patent granted for every 1.436 patent applications.

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Geographic Breakdown

By showing the geographic breakdown of the patents in this technology field, it is possible to determine the territorial markets in which the technology field is prominent or which markets have opportunities for development.

TOP 3 Countries

  • Japan

    Japan is the top country/region for patent coverage with a total of 4,456,771 patents.

  • USA

    USA comes in 2nd with a total of 2,870,756 patents.

  • China

    China rounds up the top 3 with a total of 1,741,083 patents.

Key Technologies

Through grouping the patents in the technology field into their various technology areas, it is possible to identify the core technology areas of this field.

Key Technologies

Valuable Patents

The ranking below shows some of the most valuable and important patents in this industry.

Rank Patent Title
1 CN100508609C Moving picture decoding method and device
2 JP4015934B2 動画像符号化方法及び装置
3 US20010027633A1 Package sealing method, manufacturing method of electronic device modules, sealing apparatus, and packaged product
4 US20010027634A1 Integrated automated drug dispenser method and apparatus
5 US20010034266A1 Cashless method for a gaming system

Main Companies

This shows the top companies in this industry based on their patent output, providing an approximation of each their innovation rate.

Wireless Communication

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