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Patent: US8527057 Retinal prosthesis and method of manufacturing a retinal prosthesis

Updated Time: 3 Dec 2018
Patent Number  US8527057
Application Date  22 Dec 2010
Issue Date  03 Sep 2013
Assignee  Second Sight Medical Products, Inc

 Greenberg, Robert J.

 Ok, Jerry

 Neysmith, Jordan

 Wilkins, Kevin

 Talbot, Neil Hamilton

 Chang, Da-Yu

International Classification  A61N1/18


Early developments in prostheses to aid the visually impaired using electrical stimulation included attaching electrodes to the head or eyelids of patients. While there was some limited success, these early prosthetic devices were large, bulky and could not produce adequate simulated vision to truly aid the visually impaired.


The present invention leverages much smaller electronics and advancements in surgical techniques allowing the retinal prosthesis to be implanted directly into the retina - i.e. a bionic eye. The implant receives a signal from an external camera, usually mounted on sunglasses, which then stimulates photoreceptors in the eye. This improvement in the technology has led to partial restoration of sight for completely blind patients.


The present invention is an improved package and configuration for an implantable retinal prosthesis. The retinal prosthesis of the present invention includes an electrode array suitable to be mounted in close proximity to a retina, an electronics package and inductive receiving coil mounted next to each other on a strap surrounding the sclera so that the height above the sclera of the prosthesis is minimized.

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