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Patent: US8607459 Condiment dispensing utensil

Updated Time: 3 Dec 2018
Patent Number  US8607459
Application Date  24 Jun 2010
Issue Date  17 Dec 2013
Assignee  Geissler, Amanda
Inventor  Geissler, Amanda
International Classification  A47J43/28


Traditional condiment dispensing containers do not provide optimal performance in controlling the amount of a condiment that is dispensed while eating. This situation may lead to excess consumption leading to non-compliance with a dietary regime and, over a period of time, undesired weight gain. Additionally, when applying a condiment directly to a meal, the distribution is often not uniform, for example, the dressing over each bite of salad.


A condiment dispensing utensil embodying this present invention is reliable, cost effective, and can be used to dispense a fixed amount of a condiment from the container more accurately. A condiment can be applied to each individual bite, rather than the entire food product, thereby allowing uneaten portions to be saved for later consumption without comprising quality of the food product. Also, the condiment dispensing utensil can provide portability.


A utensil apparatus for dispensing a quantity of condiment. The condiment dispensing utensil is constructed such that it contains an internal reservoir of a condiment, such as a salad dressing. The condiment dispensing utensil assembly can then be used to dispense a bite-sized portion of the condiment to the food on the utensil as it is consumed. The utensil allows the user to control the amount of condiment that is consumed at a single meal. Said utensil can later be cleaned for reuse or disposed of if constructed for only a single serving use. The utensil also comprises a pump mechanism for controlling the amount of condiment that is dispensed with each bite or scoop of food.

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