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PatSnap’s Academy aims to improve start-up success with focus on intellectual property



Senior IP lecturer, Joe Sekhon, shares his comprehensive framework, providing start-ups and young entrepreneurs free mentorship in this new video series

Only half of all businesses survive the first five years,[1]leaving many aspiring entrepreneurs out-of-pocket and having to re-evaluate. Meanwhile, according to the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), the biggest mistake that start-ups make is failing to create a well-thought out intellectual property strategy. It is this that often proves fatal.[2]

For this reason, PatSnap– a leading provider of R&D, IP and business intelligence solutions – has released a free video course made in collaboration with Joe Sekhon, senior lecturer in intellectual property at the University of Portsmouth. The course is available through its open education programme, Academy by PatSnap.

Joe has spent over fifteen years consulting students, graduates and future entrepreneurs to help turn their ideas into successful businesses. As part of this mission, Joe has also established the Intellectual Property Advice Support Service (iPASS), an advisory service that aims to transform start-ups into sustainable, high-growth, job creating ventures.

Based on this work and presented as a six-part video series, this course will teach you:

  • The framework for entrepreneurial success
  • How do you determine the commercial viability of an idea?
  • What preliminary IP issues should you consider?
  • What's the process for making the best IP decisions?
  • How do you start promoting your business?
  • How do you grow and manage a start-up team?

Joe explains: “This notion that entrepreneurs just suddenly come up with a product and then they launch it doesn't bear any relation to reality. So, what I've been developing during my academic career is an action plan or a roadmap which covers three fundamental issues: business planning, product development and the identification, protection and commercialisation of intellectual property rights, and my assertion is that if aspiring entrepreneurs follow this process, they have a greater chance of their actual start-up idea turning into reality.”

Tommy Hearne, Producer at Academy by PatSnap adds: “Without an understanding of intellectual property, the best inventive and creative individuals are pursuing their ideas with one hand tied behind their back. Unfortunately, access to clear and comprehensive teaching on the subject is hard to come by for many students and entrepreneurs, so working with Joe to produce this course has been a delight and we’re thrilled to be in a position to share this great content for free.”

Since 2017, Academy by PatSnap has collaborated with some of the world’s top IP experts in order to provide free, open intellectual property education to its community of almost 3,000 members. Academy was recently welcomed as a member of IPAN(Intellectual Property Awareness Network), a non-profit network of organisations and individuals that campaigns to raise awareness and understanding of intellectual property.

You can access the course for free here





 About PatSnap:

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