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PatSnap circumnavigates northern hemisphere with launch of Los Angeles office

New office reinforces support for PatSnap’s increasing US customer base


London, United Kingdom, July 13, 2017 - PatSnap, the world's leading provider of research and development (R&D) analytics, has announced the launch of its first USA office in Los Angeles. The new office will provide enhanced, dedicated support to PatSnap’s rapidly growing customer base in the USA.

PatSnap has brought together the world’s largest IP dataset, and by adding licensing and litigation data, economic data, patent valuation, image and chemical formula search, and trademark recognition, it provides the world’s most innovative enterprises, public bodies and academic institutions with a new, intuitive source of information for use during research.

The company has chosen Los Angeles as its first North American outpost, over the well-trodden path to Silicon Valley. Amir Achourie, one of PatSnap’s London office founding team members, will lead PatSnap’s USA presence as Head of Sales Americas.

Amir_US Office.jpegRight: Amir Achourie, Head of Sales, Americas at PatSnap

On the decision to launch the USA office, Amir said: “60% of our customers are now based in the USA – so the question probably shouldn’t be ‘why are we opening the USA office?’ but ‘why has it taken so long?’. The truth is our amazing customer success team, and our UK sales operations have done such a brilliant job of establishing PatSnap in the USA that until now it wasn’t necessary. With so many of our customers now based in the USA, and more and more of them being Enterprise level customers, we had to be on the ground to support them.”

On choosing Los Angeles (also known as Silicon Beach), over the world-renowned technology hub of Silicon Valley, Amir said: “L.A has always been a creative hub. It has great universities, and Mayor Garcetti is working hard to create a supportive environment for fast-growing companies to thrive in. It was a surprisingly easy choice.”

Jeffrey Tiong, founder and CEO of PatSnap, said: “we have worked hard at PatSnap to foster a culture of open innovation, and transparent and radical candor, which has moulded and grown our London office into a model of success. PatSnap’s DNA and culture is one of our greatest differentiators, and it is essential that we carry this model into the US to maintain this high standard, and continue to fulfill our mission of empowering innovators, enabling an entire new market of R&D teams to have the tools they need to de-risk their investment decisions and projects. The launch of the LA office will enable us to better serve our customers in both the US and Europe, and I look forward to the continued success of both offices.”

PatSnap now has over 3000 customers globally, with offices in Asia, Europe and North America.

About PatSnap:

PatSnap is the leading provider of research and development (R&D) analytics, for analysing tech trends, driving innovation, market planning, competitor intelligence and maximising return on IP assets. Founded in 2007, PatSnap is used by R&D and IP professionals in thousands of commercial and not-for-profit organisations globally, and has offices in the UK, USA, Singapore, and China.