R&D is an expensive business – Last year alone, UK companies invested £16.5 billion into research and development, which accounted for 4% of the total global spend.
While 25% of R&D spend came from the higher education sector and 7% from Government and Research Councils, the majority - a massive 66% of this investment, was made by businesses. But there are easy ways that these companies could be accessing even more money to invest in R&D.

Brian Williamson, Managing Director at Jumpstart, the UK’s leading tax credit specialists, joins us for this webinar where he will discuss:

  • Why the government cares about R&D investment
  • The common “white coat” misconception companies have about R&D
  • How to get your accountant or auditor to think like a scientist
  • Why companies ranging from startups to multinational companies are leaving money on the table and the options available for claiming it back.



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Brian Williamson 

Managing Director at Jumpstart Ltd, the UK's leading tax credit specialists.