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Sensors Patents

The rate of innovation is increasing as the sensors industry continues to grow. The list of patents below are related to beams of light being detected by photocells, a key technology area in this space. 

Angular displacement sensor

Apparatus for sensor with communication port for configuring sensor characteristics and associated methods

Ball-rolling type orientation sensor

Bench flotation sensor

Borehole optical lateral displacement sensor

Displacement sensor and method for producing target feature thereof

Displacement-based opto-electronic accelerometer and pressure sensor

Fiber optic acceleration and displacement sensors

Fiber optical sensor device for measuring a physical parameter

Fluid sensor on a wirelessly connected chip

Force sensor

Integrated optical displacement sensor

Light sensor with position compensation accomplished by area distribution

Method and apparatus for a rotation angle sensor

Modular fiber optic sensor

Mold structure with fiber-optic sensor

Multiple imager vehicle optical sensor system

Non-contact position sensor

Optical angular sensor and optical rotational speed sensor

Optical crash sensor

Optical displacement sensor

Optical displacement sensor utilizing optical diffusion

Optical displacement sensor utilizing optical diffusion and reflection

Optical fiber angle position sensor

Optical fiber thermometer and temperature-compensated optical fiber sensor

Optical lever for acoustic and ultrasound sensor

Optical measurement sensor and a method for evaluating a physical magnitude

Optical position sensor

Optical sensor

Optical sensor

Optical sensor chip and jamming protection device comprising such a chip

Optical sensors that compensate for ambient light and interference light

Optical shaft position sensor

Optical traingulation displacement sensor using a diffraction grating

Opto-electrical sensor arrangement

Optoelectronic rotational position sensor

Optoelectronic sensor

Optoelectronic sensor and method for the transmission monitoring of a front screen

Photoelectric angular position sensor

Position sensor

Position sensor

Position sensor

Precision optoelectronic rotational position sensor

Reactor coolant pump shaft speed/position sensor system

Reflection shadow sensor with light directing diffusive surface

Reflective absolute encoder sensor

Reflective optical sensor element

Remote optical sensors

Rotational position sensor

Rotational position sensor

Self-mixing reflective sensor

Sensor apparatus and method for sensing angular rotation of an object using light reflected off a rotor and bifurcation compensation

Sensor device removably attachable to a drug delivery device

Sensor device usable as a switch

Sensor module and method of manufacturing the same

Sensor system for laminated structures

Single sensor systems and methods for detection of reverse rotation

Single sensor type three-dimensional micro/nano contact trigger measuring probe

Smart optical microphone/sensor

Surface displacement sensor with opening angle control

Tactile sensor

Temperature measure method and sensor

Temperature stable displacement sensor with fine resolution

Temperature, pressure, vibration or humidity sensor based on reflected light from a bimetallic, plastic or dehumidifying material

Turbo engine with rotor blade sensor

Ultrananocrystalline diamond cantilever wide dynamic range acceleration/vibration/pressure sensor

Valve position sensor

Wear tolerant hydraulic / pneumatic piston position sensing using optical sensors