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R&D Intelligence

Real-time R&D intelligence platform, powered by AI, connecting market, technology, and competitor data so innovation teams can make better decisions in fast-moving markets.

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Identify and validate innovation opportunities before they’re realized in the market

We’re spending more money on R&D every year ($2.1 trillion USD in 2018 alone), but the returns are dwindling (65% drop in R&D productivity in the last three years). Successful innovation requires the big picture, but R&D teams have an ever-growing challenge to get there: connecting disparate data sources and turning it into useful insights to inform their innovation decision making.

Discovery connects:

Millions of innovation datapoints

Different knowledge bases and data sources can help you validate your R&D decisions and improve your innovation pipeline.

Competitor and technology insight

Keep a finger on the pulse of your competitors and their strategic moves to differentiate and stay ahead.

Commercial and market insight

So you can better understand, analyse, and anticipate opportunities and threats in new and adjacent spaces.

Teams through collaboration tools

Connecting teams and integrating into your workflow so R&D and commercial teams speak the same language.

Turning disparate data points into actionable R&D intelligence

Our data sources:

  • More than 10,000 clinical trials
  • More than 6,000,000 companies
  • More than 2,000,000 funded research
  • More than 258,000 government grants
  • More than 867,000 venture-capital investments
  • More than 900,000 market reports
  • More than 80,000 mergers & acquisition events
  • More than 10,000,000 news stories
  • More than 220,000,000 industry papers
  • More than 130,000,000 patents
  • More than 441,000 tech blogs
  • More than 71,000 tech offerings

Answering R&D's needs

R&D is full of unknowns, but with connected innovation intelligence and real-time R&D analytics you can replace the guesswork with sound insight.

Discovery platform screen grab of relationship map

Uncover competitor strategies

Using Relationship Maps, Discovery brings together the information on market leaders, start-ups, and players in the adjacent space to provide a complete view of who’s making strides and who they are collaborating with, acquiring or investing in. Plus, understand their technology capabilities by looking at their patents and scientific literature filings.

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Discovery platform screen grab of market reports

Explore new markets and predict emerging trends

Discovery gathers relevant news, articles, blogs, journals, and market reports to give you indicators on market size and growth trends. Create your personal space with Discovery’s Pinboards to have a single version of truth on the technology, industry or companies you choose to watch and share with your teams. Get real-time alerts to always stay abreast on anything new.

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Discovery platform screen grab of information about the company Fitbit, Inc.

Confidently pick the best partnerships

With Discovery you can track active start-ups, universities, TTOs, and their capabilities to let you take an informed decision on who can be your potential partnership or acquisition target. Discovery also compiles expert profiles, key opinion leaders (KOLs) highlighting their academic and scientific accomplishments that you can follow and may plan to potentially bring them on-board.

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Discovery platform screen grab showing search results for virtual reality

Validate your ideas before you start

Discovery gives you the ability to watch patent filings, scientific literature trends, grants, tech blogs along with the market and commercial insights in the same place. View investments, M&A and VC deal trends to have a view on emerging, innovative technologies and what areas are getting the most attention. Discovery also gives you the option to jump to our IP intelligence platform to gain deeper insights on scientific filings.

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