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Empower IP and R&D teams to make more strategic decisions

Research and Development (R&D) productivity is at an all-time low, with 12 large cap pharmaceutical companies yielding a mere 1.8% return on investment in 2019. Challenges such as access to accurate data, excessive costs, steep regulatory burdens, and the quick pace of the market make it difficult for researchers to discover novel therapies and successfully commercialize them.

With PatSnap’s R&D intelligence platform, life sciences professionals can seamlessly comb through and connect millions of early and late-stage drug discovery and development sources and make more informed decisions throughout every stage of the innovation cycle.

Proprietary Ontologies

We semantically enrich unstructured, heterogeneous life sciences data using AI-powered content curation.

Computer Vision

We extract and annotate life sciences information from images, tables, and PDFs.

We provide accurate and relevant ontology-based life sciences searching.

Entity Normalization and Recognition (NER/NOR)

We extract, disambiguate and link life sciences concepts across documents.

Machine Translation

We help in unlocking hidden content across multiple languages by providing language agnostic searching.

Our Life Sciences Connected Innovation Intelligence platform connects:

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Stay informed throughout the drug discovery and development lifecycle

  • Synapse integrates and standardizes more than 40,000 drugs from early-stage discovery to approval, covering 44,000+ targets and 12,000+ diseases, to help you make confident, timely R&D decisions. Identify gaps in the market, find key players, and accelerate your drug development strategy.

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Find the best partnerships

  • With Synapse, you can track more than 11M+ life science organizations to help you make informed decisions on potential partnerships or acquisition targets. In the company profile, gain insight on a company’s top focus areas, explore their drug pipeline, view their investment history, and more.

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Anticipate potential threats and identify whitespace

  • Synapse connects the dots across a plethora of datasets, allowing innovators to gain a 360-degree view of a company, market, or technology area and uncover the gaps while mitigating risk. Plus, with features such as email alerts you can keep a pulse on the latest research.

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Gain insights on drugs, targets, indications, or organizations of interest

  • Using Dashboards, Synapse allows you to uncover relationships between entities, gain competitor insights, and identify emerging trends. Synapse’s Dashboards are fully customizable and provide instant visualizations of critical life sciences data, enabling both R&D and business development decision-makers to easily explore technology landscapes.

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Your key to
better innovation

Unlock your potential with PatSnap, a smarter approach to innovation. Powered by AI and machine learning, our sophisticated platform is easy-to-use and will help you bring better products to market in a fraction of the time.

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With PatSnap you can:

  • Use AI and machine learning to connect billions of data points across-industries, filter out the noise, and hyper-focus on relevant insights, spot market gaps and make sense of data
  • Validate your ideas and identify valuable opportunities before they’re realized in the market in IP, R&D, Bio and Chemical
  • Collaborate across teams and make more informed business decisions with PatSnap’s seamless integration across platforms

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