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The world has been forced to a standstill with the emergence of COVID-19. But at PatSnap, we believe that every adversity contains seeds of opportunity. We are in a time where our immediate collective efforts to adapt, grow and pivot can help shape the world we want to live in.

We know that the heroes of our post-COVID world are working harder than ever to get us on the road to recovery, and we want to help them make a difference.

From March 23, 2020 to May 31, 2020, we’re offering FREE access to ALL of our innovation intelligence solutions, in order to enable companies and innovators to continue their ambition to make our world a better place.

Whether you're an existing customer, or new to PatSnap, we invite you to explore our Innovation Intelligence Package and see how it can help you innovate smarter, better and faster.

We believe in the power of innovation; we believe in your success. Don’t let COVID-19 slow our ability to innovate.

A message from PatSnap CEO, Jeffrey Tiong:

What’s included in our FREE Innovation Intelligence Package?

Our Innovation Intelligence Package includes FREE access to ALL of our of AI-powered solutions, which include:

PatSnap Analytics - A combination of our patent analytics and insights platforms, PatSnap Analytics is designed to provide IP intelligence for IP, R&D and strategic leaders through expansive patent data sets and visualizations. With information collected and curated from over 110 global patent offices, we provide in-depth patent data, legal status, patent families, citations, litigation, licensing and corporate structure information. Our solution helps protect, advance, and commercialize your IP.

Discovery - Designed to help R&D teams and business leaders identify technological opportunities and threats that could impact business decisions, Discovery uniquely connects market, technology, and competitor data into actionable insights that help you identify market share growth opportunities, navigate past threats and decipher your competitors' game plans.

Life Sciences - With over 170 million structures and 400 million sequences linked to over 140 million patents — plus access to human-curated scientific data from our strategic partner, CAS, the world’s leading scientific information experts, our Life Sciences solution is the most comprehensive and efficient tool for Life Sciences professionals to conduct patentability and freedom-to-operate searches, saving time and reducing the risk of litigation.

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