PatSnap’s Automotive 3-Part Deep Tech Report  

From autonomous driving to customized features and climate concerns, radical changes are taking the automotive industry by storm.  

In our 3-part Deep Tech Automotive Report, we explore:  

  • The industry’s historical framework and current business challenges  
  • Trends shaping the future of EVs 
  • Internal combustion engines and the impact of climate change 

Each report can be read as a standalone analysis or combined for a more holistic, 360-degree industry overview.  

Key Insights

In 2020, more than 18,000 patents were filed in the EV space.

The average patent grant rate over the previous five-year period sits at 50%. This is promising, as it indicates strong market interest in its development.

EV investments are rising as well, with $81 billion raised in 2021 alone.

Toyota, the largest producer of ICE vehicles, appears to be shifting its focus primarily to EVs (based on patents currently being filed coupled with steady year-over-year growth).  

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