The PatSnap platform helps you spend less time and money getting the answers you need to increase returns on your investment in innovation.

From inventing new ideas to commercializing them, PatSnap gives you access to the world’s oldest and most comprehensive register of ideas—120+ million patents—enriched with company financials, litigation records, technology profiles and more.

Our deep learning algorithms then find and visualize meaningful patterns within billions of data points, so you can answer vital questions like: 

  • How can I increase the revenue generated from R&D and innovation projects?
  • Can I patent my idea and do I have freedom to operate (FTO)?
  • How can I innovate faster and more profitably than my competitors?
  • Which patents should I build on and which should I abandon?
  • How can I improve collaboration across R&D and IP, to reduce wastage?
  • Where is the next wave of opportunity for products that will own future markets?
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1.) See the whole picture during research

See patents filed worldwide (to understand patentability and FTO), save research findings in a central location (for inter-team collaboration) and pinpoint litigation threats (to kill off doomed ideas).

Intellectual Property Analytics


2.) Accelerate innovation during development

Visualize whitespaces on the technology landscape (for product-market viability), identify the top inventors (for partnership) and spot important technologies (for integration).

Innovation Data Visualisation


3.) Increase returns on investment (ROI) during commercialization

Identify companies to which you can license patents (for secondary revenue streams), simulate a merger (to build a strategy for acquiring missing competencies) and see activity across geographical territories (for international opportunities).

Innovation Patent Analytics