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  • Frontier by PatSnap 2020:

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    "Very good seminar with some excellent information."

    "Thank you for the opportunity. It has been enlightening and makes me glad that I am a user."

    "This was a very good start. Very happy that I took the time to be with you today."

    "Thank you for continuing to produce excellent programs that expand our knowledge."

  • Keynote Speaker:

    Vik Pant, PhD

    Chief Scientist and Chief Science Advisor, Natural Resources Canada

    Vik is a researcher and practitioner of conceptual modeling, and applied artificial intelligence. His scholarship and application are focused on the nexus of science, management, and technology. For over a decade, he has studied and worked with various innovatory technologies including big data analytics and customer experience management.

  • Keynote Speaker:

    Dr. Robert G. Cooper

    Inventor, Stage-GateĀ® Idea-to-Launch process

    Robert G. Cooper is one of the most influential innovation thought-leaders in the business world today. He pioneered many ground-breaking discoveries in product innovation, including the Stage-GateĀ® Idea-to-Launch Process, now implemented by almost 80% of North American companies.

  • Deep Learning

    Watch keynotes from industry experts who are pushing the boundaries of innovation, and learn about the tools and product best practices that will keep you ahead of competitors.

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    Listen to world-renowned industry experts share their insights and knowledge on the next big innovation trends leading the way.

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    Our global base of customers means a diverse range of IP, R&D and Innovation professionals to connect with.