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We partner with the world’s leading groundbreakers

More than 10,000 disruptors and innovators around the world are using connected innovation intelligence to grow, compete, and win in hyper-competitive markets. Discover how our customers are leveraging PatSnap.

  • Novatech

    Industry: Chemical Manufacturing

    Simplifying build, maintenance, construction, and repair.

    Novatech: Read the Story

  • Bioceres Group Plc

    Industry: Life Sciences

    Fully integrated provider of crop productivity technologies

    Bioceres Group Plc: Read the Story

  • Hatch Blue

    Industry: Venture Capital and Private Equity Principals

    A Global Catalyst for Aquaculture and Alternative Seafood Innovation

    Hatch Blue: Read the Story


    Industry: Research Services

    Technological Innovation, from A to Z

    UNICO: Read the Story

  • Martensen IP

    Industry: Law Practice

    At the intersection of IP and innovation.

    Martensen IP: Read the Story

  • American Regent

    Industry: Pharmaceuticals

    Reliable. Responsive. Respected.

    American Regent: Read the Story

  • Puraffinity

    Industry: Green Technology

    Delivering a sustainable future.

    Puraffinity: Read the Story

  • Dinex

    Industry: Automotive

    Your partner in exhaust and emission solutions.

    Dinex: Read the Story

  • Oxiteno

    Industry: Chemicals

    Contributing to people's well-being through chemistry.

    Oxiteno: Read the Story

  • Grace Medical

    Industry: Medical supplies

    Bringing the latest in technology and design to the ENT marketplace.

    Grace Medical: Read the Story

  • Erytech Pharma

    Industry: Biopharmaceuticals

    Helping patients live longer, better.

    Erytech Pharma: Read the Story

  • LSP Innovative Automotive Systems

    Industry: Automotive

    Electrifying motion through continuous innovation and quality optimization.

    LSP Innovative Automotive Systems: Read the Story

  • eCential Robotics

    Industry: Medical devices

    Challenging the status quo in healthcare through the use of connected innovation intelligence.

    eCential Robotics: Read the Story

  • Presidium USA

    Industry: Manufacturing

    Revolutionizing how products are designed and manufactured with PatSnap’s innovative technologies.

    Presidium USA: Read the Story

  • Fuentek

    Industry: Technology Transfer Consulting

    Managing IP efficiently and moving forward strategically with innovation intelligence.

    Fuentek: Read the Story

  • McCoy Global

    Industry: Oil & Gas

    Reducing legal feels and getting to market quicker with PatSnap’s suite of comprehensive innovation solutions.

    McCoy Global: Read the Story

  • GKN Driveline

    Industry: Automotive & Transportation

    Speeding past competitors with superior patent data analysis.

    GKN Driveline: Read the Story

  • Takasago

    Industry: Chemicals

    Harnessing the power of IP intelligence to better the quality of everyday life through fine chemical production.

    Takasago: Read the Story

  • NCH Corporation

    Industry: Manufacturing

    Cleaning water, conserving energy and delivering maintenance solutions using PatSnap’s innovative technologies.

    NCH Corporation: Read the Story

  • LanzaTech

    Industry: Utilities & Energy

    Promoting a circular carbon economy and reduced emissions through the use of patent data insights.

    LanzaTech: Read the Story

  • EcoSynthetix

    Industry: Chemicals

    Manufacturing renewable chemicals and bio-based materials with connected innovation intelligence.

    EcoSynthetix: Read the Story

  • Elica Spa

    Industry: Consumer Goods

    Using IP intelligence to identify new partners in the design and manufacture of central heating boilers.

    Elica Spa: Read the Story

  • Panavation

    Industry: Consultancy

    Helping clients find solutions to industrial problems with PatSnap's comprehensive innovation solutions.

    Panavation: Read the Story

  • Creaholic

    Industry: Consultancy

    Leveraging patent data insights to transform customers’ ideas into strategic business advantage.

    Creaholic: Read the Story

  • Ably Medical

    Industry: Healthcare

    Revolutionizing the very core of patient recovery with PatSnap’s innovative technologies.

    Ably Medical: Read the Story

  • Revolution Fibres

    Industry: Nanotechnology

    Investing in strategic nanofibre production projects using innovation intelligence.

    Revolution Fibres: Read the Story

  • Innventik

    Industry: Consultancy

    Providing comprehensive patent analysis to clientele with PatSnap’s suite of solutions.

    Innventik: Read the Story

  • National University of Singapore

    Industry: Universities

    Leveraging the power of IP intelligence to help university researchers commercialize their inventions.

    National University of Singapore: Read the Story

  • Dr. Eyal Bressler & Co.

    Industry: Consultancy

    Serving clients high quality legal IP advice with PatSnap's innovative technologies.

    Dr. Eyal Bressler & Co.: Read the Story

  • City University of London

    Industry: Universities

    Helping researchers commercialize their ideas through the use of innovation intelligence.

    City University of London: Read the Story