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AI-Powered Innovation Intelligence

Uncover tech trends, drive innovation, analyze competitor activity,
and maximize your IP asset returns.

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  • IP Intelligence

    Proactively manage risk, identify opportunities, and protect your innovations with real-time IP analytics.

  • R&D Intelligence

    Empower R&D professionals with AI-driven intelligence solutions. Access and analyze patents swiftly with Patent DNA, unlocking valuable insights for innovation.

  • Life Sciences Intelligence

    Connect disparate datapoints and revolutionize drug discovery and development with Patsnap. Uncover correlations between diseases, target companies, and drugs effortlessly, empowering your R&D efforts and expediting time to market.

We turn billions of innovation data points into actionable intelligence

  • patents

  • drugs and biologics

  • targets

  • news articles

  • scientific papers

  • funding insights

  • market reports

  • investment insights

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