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Innovation Intelligence for R&D

Revolutionize innovation with PatSnap. Effortlessly move from concept to launch

with smart searches, technical insights, monitoring, and seamless collaboration.

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IP Intelligence

IP Intelligence

Gain visual and analytical overviews of IP portfolios to assess risk and uncover new opportunities. Seamlessly collaborate with colleagues and global IP offices to make informed decisions about when to license, sell, or buy IP assets. 

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R&D Intelligence

R&D Intelligence


Our AI-powered technology connects billions of datasets and allows innovation professionals to uncover emerging trends, spot risks, and identify market opportunities. 

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Life Sciences Intelligence

Life Sciences Intelligence

Connect disparate datapoints and drive drug discovery and development with PatSnap. Easily uncover associations between diseases, target companies, and drugs while improving R&D and accelerating time to market. 


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We turn billions of innovation datapoints into actionable intelligence

  • 170,000,000+
  • 61,000+
    drug data
  • 44,000+
    target data
  • 1,000,000+
    financial news
  • 160,000,000+
    scientific literatures
  • 2,000,000+
    funding information
  • 900,000+
    market reports
  • 860,000+
    investing information

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Innovation Intelligence Resources

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