PatSnap raises $300MM in Series E
to change the way the world innovates.

Thank you to our customers, employees, investors, and partners for their confidence and support. We are proud to be one of the first Unicorns in the Innovation Intelligence industry.

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Connecting the dots so you can innovate better

Transform your business with an AI solution that collates information from databases around the world, from Asia to Europe, Europe to the US, and everywhere in between - making IP and R&D insights accessible to all. Discover more, protect more and commercialize more opportunities than ever, while keeping a tight grip on IP management and risk. Make sense of the unknown, turn data into intelligence, and make the decisions that shape our world.

With PatSnap, we can pull up information and get a much better snapshot of where our competitor’s intellectual property fits into the market and consider how we can then use that knowledge to work more efficiently. Lou Lombardo, Senior Scientist - R&D Technology, Takasago

IP Intelligence

Gain visual and analytical overviews of IP portfolios to determine risk and reach management decisions that align with business strategy and future opportunities.

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PatSnap helps LiveRamp remain innovative by allowing us to see where the competition is playing through the landscaping tools. It lets us see where there are new opportunities and helps us focus in on those areas in an intelligent way. Charles Zinsmeyer, Director of IP, LiveRamp

R&D Intelligence

With the amount of data now available, our AI-powered analysis delivers real tactical advantages, providing market understanding, competitor intelligence, partnership opportunities, fail-fast alerts and more.

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To have software like PatSnap is very helpful because, with our limited resources of people, money and time, it allows us to greatly cut down the number of hours and money we have to spend on external services. Leila Yousif, Head of Quality Assurance

Life Sciences Intelligence

Combining disparate datapoints to empower early stage innovation through powerful sequence searching, improving R&D productivity, reducing litigation risk, and speeding up time to market.

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The connected innovation intelligence blueprint

Why companies need connected innovation intelligence to grow, compete and win in a hyper-competitive world.

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Turning billions of innovation datapoints into actionable intelligence

With the application of machine learning and AI, we connect patents, licensing, litigation and company information with non-patent literature to bring together the world’s most comprehensive IP and R&D datasets into one easy-to-use platform giving you actionable intelligence to support your decision making.

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