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At PatSnap, we’re growth-obsessed and always eager to meet new talent. If you’re ready to grow professionally and personally, check out our open roles.

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What does growth mean at PatSnap?

Stagnation is the enemy of innovation which is why we create opportunities for all our employees to try new things, fail (because failure is the mother of success), challenge themselves, gain new skills, take ownership over new initiatives, and ultimately flourish professionally and personally. We are passionate about creating a culture where your progression is a unique experience, and you are in the driver’s seat choosing the next destination.

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We'll let these videos do the talking

What our employees like best about PatSnap

Want to know what our employees like about PatSnap? Hear first-hand stories from our PatSnappers. From our collaborative culture to opportunities for growth and learning, there’s something in it for everyone!

We are One PatSnap!

As a global company, our PatSnap community extends across the world. Here’s a video our PatSnap West offices made for our PatSnap China team to show support and solidarity during COVID-19.

Company kick-off 2020: North America

We believe in promoting a healthy work/life balance, which is why having fun is an essential part of our culture. Here’s a glimpse into our North American team’s 2020 company kick-off.

In their own words: Lucy Palmer, Team Lead, Account Management

PatSnap's Lucy Palmer has been expertly nurturing customer relationships for nearly four years. Hear from Lucy on what customer success means to her, and what she enjoys most about leading a team at PatSnap.

Company kick-off 2020: London

Looking for a dose of inspiration? Our company kick-offs have you covered. We guarantee you’ll have fun, and leave feeling inspired!

Grow at PatSnap

Ready to reach new heights? At PatSnap, we support our employees as they explore their passions, talents, and unique career paths. Check out this video of our PatSnappers sharing their growth experiences.

In their own words: Caroline Vice, Account Executive

Innovation is at the forefront of what we do, and we actively encourage our employees to think creatively and act on their ideas. Check out this video of Account Executive, Caroline Vice, describing how she’s empowered to think on her feet daily at PatSnap.

Our customers love us too!

We succeed when our customers and employees succeed. As such, it’s our mission to deliver a best-in-class connected innovation intelligence (CII) experience to all our customers. Hear why companies choose us for their CII needs.

In their own words: Dan Klin, Senior Sales Development Rep

Hear from Senior Sales Development Rep, Dan Klin, on how PatSnap’s dynamic culture motivates him to reach for new heights, set bigger goals, and take on new challenges.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Here at PatSnap, we are one team of 800+ global PatSnappers dedicated to solving complex challenges, inspiring one another, and supporting each other's personal and professional growth.

PatSnap's values


We are fair and transparent in everything we do and hold each other accountable for our actions.


We lead by example and inspire each other to reach for new heights.


We are open and honest and share our ideas with care and consideration.


We are lifelong learners who choose resilience and grit over defeat.


We seek out new ways to solve problems and don’t stop until we’ve created a higher standard.


Our customer is at the centre of everything we do. Their success is our success.

Wait, there’s more

  • A team that feels like family

    We treat you like a family member, not a staff member.

  • Health and life insurance

    We take care of you, when you need it most.

  • Every day = new challenge

    We challenge you to try new things.

  • Global footprint

    We span the globe from East to West.

  • Wellness programs

    We care about your health and well-being.

  • Opportunity to make a difference

    We think work should be meaningful and impactful.

  • Employee assistance program

    Confidential services to help with the realities of life.

  • Learning and development

    We believe learning is a lifelong endeavour.

  • Contributory pension scheme

    We help you prepare for the future.

  • Flexible work arrangements

    We offer flexibility, when and where you need it.

Hear from our team of PatSnappers

Message from PatSnap CEO, Jeffrey Tiong

When I started PatSnap, I knew I wanted to create a company where culture was more than just a word, it was a feeling. I’m extremely proud of the culture we’ve created. You can feel people’s commitment, excitement and resilience in every meeting, product release, email and office. Our culture is unique, our people are diverse and we’re eager to keep growing.

Jeffrey Tiong, Founder and CEO