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Women of Innovation

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The Big Picture

Gender diversity in the workplace is something organizations have been working toward for decades, and while some industries are making great strides, others, such as tech and sales, have some way to go. As it stands, just 19% of the tech workforce are women, and only 39% of the workforce in sales, and these percentages decrease as seniority increases.

As an employer in the Tech and Sales sectors, PatSnap wants to not only increase the representation of women within PatSnap, but also drive change within our industry. To celebrate International Women's Day, we are taking visible action to #break the bias by celebrating the achievements and contributions of female PatSnappers.

Women of Innovation

Talent Acquisition and our Inclusion Activists ERG have collaborated in creating PatSnap's Women of Innovation Campaign - a series that captures introspective and meaningful discussions around 7 key topics. This campaign runs from March 1st through March 8th (International Women's Day), at which point we will recap on important takeaways and commitments. The campaign is built on conversations had with women at PatSnap across all levels and functions of the business.

We developed this campaign to support our commitment to creating an inclusive culture at PatSnap, and to become the best employer in our industry by highlighting the incredible work the women at PatSnap are doing. We hope The Women of Innovation Campaign will educate and inspire others — especially women considering entering the Tech or Sales sector. We encourage each woman to speak about her unique journey, think critically about gender equality solutions, and lead by example.

PatSnap's Goal

We aim to become the best employer in our industry, and having an inclusive culture is crucial to this goal. Also, a lot of research suggests a strong business rationale for greater gender diversity, such as companies with higher gender diversity are 15% more likely to have higher profits. In addition, those with higher numbers of female board directors have a 42% higher return on sales than companies with lower numbers of female board directors (Catalyst). Our ultimate goal is to have equal representation across PatSnap, but we know this will take time, and there is no quick fix.

PatSnap, we sign up to the UN Women's Empowerment Principles and have reviewed and changed how we operate to promote a non-discriminatory environment. We are investing in equal opportunity programs in recruitment, professional development and promotion, equal compensation, family leave, work-life balance, gender responsible marketing, and much more. We believe these changes are crucial to our inclusive culture and set us apart as a role models in our industry.

Women of PatSnap: Interviews

Bindi Patel

Account Manager

“I am a single mummy and I have a beautiful 6 year-old daughter who is my world and everything I work for each and every day.”

Bindi Patel on LinkedIn

Carcia Campbell

Account Manager

"Always take a look at how job descriptions are written. Does this copy allow for all people to say that there's a chance for me to grow and develop?"

Carcia Campbell on LinkedIn

Christie Thompson

VP of Marketing

“When I think about my journey, it hasn't always been easy. There have been peaks and valleys. Sometimes you are going to fail, sometimes you are going to try something, and it doesn't work out how you intended. I think that the most important thing is to continue to try and learn.”

Christie Thompson on LinkedIn

Christina Wilson

Go To Market Lead

“When you look at the STEM research, there are a lot of things that females generally excel in like patience, reflection, empathy--when applied correctly, these can make us very strong in science or tech roles."

Christina Wilson on LinkedIn

Deepika Kaushal

Manager, Professional Services

“I started my career as an Analyst. Over the years I started leading a team of highly-accomplished members who I'm proud to say was a gender diverse team."

Deepika Kaushal on LinkedIn

Emily Kuske

Director of Professional Services & Partnerships

“To me, it's all about relationships. I think if you connect on a human-to-human level, work, hard conversation and strategy becomes easy when you are able to connect with individuals."

Emily Kuske on LinkedIn

Emma Duran

Account Manager

“When you go to school, you hear about people wanting to become Doctors and Engineers. You don't hear people saying that they want to grow up and become an Account Manager. The key is direct exposure and education."

Emma Duran on LinkedIn

Harsimran Kaur

Sales Development Manager

“I feel very proud in the fact that we are part of some of those disruptive technologies that are changing the world for a better place."

Harsimran Kaur on LinkedIn

Jessica Shor

Chief Operating Officer

“There is something to be said for giving people a chance at an opportunity they might not have otherwise had because they show you they are passionate, hungry and driven. I fundamentally believe that everybody can reach whatever potential they want if they have someone that is willing to invest in them to build in those skillsets."

Jessica Shor on LinkedIn

Julia Krivonos

Account Executive

“I wanted to continue my career in the tech space primarily because it's such a hyperactive growth area. SaaS is absolutely a necessity for a sphere of business."

Julia Krivonos on LinkedIn

Kavya Kumaresan

Senior Manager, Enablement

“Find an advocate. Someone within the organization who's opinion you trust. I've been blessed to have had phenomenal female leaders.”

Kavya Kumaresan on LinkedIn

Lisa Griffith

Senior Account Executive

“You have to be very purposeful. It has to be part of the process and you have to be mindful to ensure you are recruiting and creating a pool of diverse candidates. Hiring Managers aren't able to select diversity if they aren't able to choose diversity."

Lisa Griffith on LinkedIn

Lucy Palmer

Manager, Enterprise Account Management

“I studied history and languages and I feel like I have thrived in the technolog industry. An appetite to learn in many cases is more valuable than any preexisting knowledge.”

Lucy Palmer on LinkedIn

Paige-Ruby Dorman

Senior Account Manager

“I've been told that men ask for higher pay when not as many women would. The question is, why aren't women asking? Maybe they don't feel comfortable and we haven't created a safe space for women to ask for what's rightfully theirs. Creating a safe space for asking hard questions is important.”

Paige-Ruby Dorman on LinkedIn

Patriz Lopez

Sales Development Representative

“Simply put, promoting a culture or environment where it is okay to challenge the status quo sometimes.”

Patriz Lopez on LinkedIn

Poorvi Thakur

Project Manager

“I help innovators achieve their intellectual property and the research and development objectives. I am empowering clients to derive essential value from the platform."

Poorvi Thakur on LinkedIn

Stefanny Casallas

Sales Development Representative

"Try to listen to women a bit more and get to know more about their expectations and challenges. Little things will be crucial in helping women to move forward and explore other career paths."

Stefanny Casallas on LinkedIn

Talaya Allen

Senior Account Executive

“I can go to any department and ask for help with anything. People are genuinely nice and want to help. You don't find that too often at other companies.”

Talaya Allen on LinkedIn