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With Chemical by PatSnap, we bring together innovation data plus vital and relevant scientific information into one single and easily searchable interface. Augment your chemical structure search with a wealth of additional knowledge—including legal and litigation data, licensing and grant information, plus company data—and combine this with regulatory and clinical trial information.

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chemical structure searches

Seamlessly link chemical structure searches to innovation data

By enabling chemical and patent searches across over 114 million structures and from over 100 patent jurisdictions, Chemical by PatSnap revolutionizes chemical and intellectual property research. Drastically reduce time spent researching—and spend more time innovating and commercialising.

read chemical patents

Read chemical patents with ease

Patents are not generally written with clarity and transparency in mind. Information can be obfuscated or hidden. This is a shame, given that patents are often the sole source of information on a particular invention or process. It’s why we’ve made it effortless to find chemical structures in the most relevant patents, no matter how they’re described or written.

visualisation of chemical space

Visualize information from chemical structure searches in brand new ways

Whether it’s lead generation or evaluating the feasibility of fresh research avenues, Chemical by PatSnap provides analytics and out-of-the-box insights for a comprehensive chemical search. Our visualizations, such as the 3D Chemical Landscape, open up whole new ways of looking at the world. Providing new ways of finding and evaluating novel ideas, Chemical by PatSnap enables all users across the organization to reach clear and concise conclusions.

relevant chemical patent information

Obtain relevant information faster

Whether petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, material science, ingredients or otherwise, Chemical by PatSnap enables exact, similarity, substructure and superstructure searches, all in combination with an array of powerful and intuitive search filters. Refine your searches based on criteria such as company, commercial availability, chemical properties and more. Find clinical trials and regulatory assessments so that new profitable purposes for drugs, ingredients and materials can be discovered quickly and intuitively.

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