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PatSnap The Definitive Guide to Connected Innovation Intelligence

The Definitive Guide to
Connected Innovation Intelligence

#1 Amazon Bestseller

Learn how to unlock your limitless innovation potential.

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95% of new innovations fail within the first 12 months. Be in the 5% that succeed.

Learn how to unlock your limitless innovation potential with Connected Innovation Intelligence (CII).

CII is an AI-powered technology that combs through millions of disparate data points, segments them by industry and relevance, and weaves the insights together to create a meaningful narrative.

The result?

A holistic, 360-degree market view where you can easily spot risks, identify opportunities, and accelerate the pace of innovation.

We created The Definitive Guide to Connected Innovation Intelligence to give you an in-depth understanding of how CII can help your business innovate better.

Read our #1 Amazon bestseller and learn how to:

  • Identify and validate ideas
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Launch commercially viable products and services

… all while saving time AND money!

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How can Connected Innovation Intelligence help you meet your business goals?

Identify and validate ideas:

The whole purpose of innovation is to create novel technology. But, with so much noise and competition, how can innovators make their ideas stand out and become successful?

Most of the time they can’t... at least not on their own.

Instead, modern innovators leverage CII’s AI-powered search platform (capable of sifting through limitless disparate data points and weaving them together in a way that makes sense) to make informed decisions about what ideas to pursue, versus what ideas are already saturated or owned.

Accelerate time to market:

Disruption is everywhere and staying abreast of the everchanging innovation landscape is key to long-term success and viability. But technology is fast-moving and regardless of how much individual research may be done on a daily or weekly basis — gaps are still bound to form.

Fortunately, with CII innovators can quickly spot risks through tracking competitors, new entrants, and start-ups while creating and avoiding legal barriers for competitors entering the same (or an adjacent) technology space.

Launch commercially viable products and services:

Nothing says ‘bummer!’ quite like launching a new product or service and having it flop... especially after spending so much time and money trying to bring it to fruition.

Fortunately, with CII you can test your ideas and analyze market insights prior to commercialization. As a result, when you do launch, you’ll have a solid strategy and an in-depth understanding of consumer needs and desires.

What's inside:

Part 1:
What is Connected Innovation Intelligence?

Part 2:
Why Connected Innovation Intelligence is the Future of Innovation

Part 3:
Connected Innovation Intelligence Vs. Traditional, Free and Common Innovation Tools

Part 4:
Connected Innovation Intelligence Tools and Applications

Part 5:
Using Connected Innovation Intelligence to Innovate

Innovate smarter,
not harder with CII

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