IP Intelligence for R&D


An AI-powered innovation solutions platform, designed to make IP accessible for R&D professionals. Eureka accelerates the innovation process from ideation to launch by optimizing searches, technical insights, monitoring and collaboration for enterprises.

Eureka translates the legal language of IP into the technical language of R&D 

The benefits of Eureka include: 

AI-driven search

An alternative to Boolean search methods, our AI-powered search enables users to uncover relevant results from a keyword or paragraph of text in a matter of seconds

Patent DNA

Eureka uses AI to extract technical information from patents so users can analyze and identify technical insights in a fraction of the time

AI tagging

This feature helps R&D professionals refine and target search results, without needing to have knowledge of classification codes or assignees 

Enhanced collaboration between IP & R&D teams

from idea submission to reviewing individual documents, Eureka makes it easier than ever for R&D professionals to compare and analyze IP insights through their own lens

Technology monitoring

Set alerts and keep track of new developments in different technology topics with Eureka's dashboard

Increased security

User data lives in, and is protected by, Amazon’s AWS cloud computing technology