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Frontier by PatSnap

Disrupt or Be Disrupted

Archived Sessions: Watch Now

Keynote: Positive Disruption: Creating the Transformations that Need to Happen to Elevate Relevancy and Accelerate Innovation and Growth.

20 minutes

Daniel Burrus, Global Trend and Disruptive Innovation Expert, New York Times bestselling author of seven books, Serial Entrepreneur

Expert Session: Streamlining Innovation - The Importance of Technology

24 minutes

Hayden Munt Go to Market Lead, PatSnap

Keynote: Expanding Participation in Innovation

30 minutes

Suzanne Harrison: Author, Founder, Patent Futurist, and Leading Expert on D&I and Innovation.

Expert Session: The Value of PatSnap

16 minutes

Dario Glazebrook, EMEA Workflow Consulting Team Lead

Customer Story: Innovation Intelligence for the IP Lawyer

20 minutes

Dr. Nick Schopman, Dutch and European Patent Attorney, Arnold & Siedsma

Expert Session: FTO Inspired Landscapes - How Connected Innovation Intelligence can transform your approach to IP risk management

26 minutes

Matthew Veale, European Patent Attorney, PatSnap

Expert Session: Disrupting by Not Innovating - Finding Old Tech to Meet Future Needs.

15 minutes

Chris Huffines Manager Search Services, PatSnap