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Deep Dives into Deep Tech Series

CRISPR: Rewriting the Human Genome for Personalized Medicine, Patent Pools, and a Healthier Future

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Take a deep dive into the vastly growing market of the 2020 Nobel Prize winning technology

This report provides an in-depth analysis of how the CRISPR market is developing, why it's influential to the world as we know it, and insights into the patent and partnership trends in the industry.

Read the report to explore:

  • The history of CRISPR and its market context
  • The evolving business, science, and IP ecosystem of CRISPR
  • Academic R&D and the importance of CRISPR patent pooling
  • The intricate web of academic and professional networks that makes CRISPR possible
  • ...and much more!

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Key trends this report uncovers

Global research funding for CRISPR technology is on the rise

CRISPR technology funding has steadily increased over the past five years, noting an $18M investment this year alone.

Top patent keywords include nucleic acid, gene editing, and chimeric antigen receptors

According to the most recent patent applications and publications in this field, CRISPR technology is currently focused on nucleic acid, gene editing, chimeric antigen receptors, and construction methods.

Feng Zhang & Jennifer Doudna are the Top Inventors

The graph depicts the top inventors involved in CRISPR by number of patents. As you can see, Feng Zhang leads the way as the top global inventor with 844 patents, followed by Jennifer Doudna with 350 patents.

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