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3M Senior Leaders Visit Patsnap 

On June 27th, Cordell Hardy, 3M SVP of Global R&D Ops, and Jack Xiong, Director of 3M GCA R&D Operations in China, visited Patsnap’s Shanghai office and had a productive discussion with Patsnap’s Founder and CEO, Jeffrey Tiong, Co-Founder, Guan Dian, and VP, Simon Tu.

During the meeting, Patsnap’s team introduced the latest business layout, product iterations, and AI technology capability. They also showcased the practical achievements of using Patsnap’s data resources and AI technology to empower the R&D innovation and IP development of global leading technology enterprises.

Cordell Hardy expressed interest in the advantages of Patsnap’s innovative products. The discussions centered around exploring future prospects in technology development and forging strategic collaborations. Jeffrey conveyed his unwavering commitment to invest substantial resources into enhancing Patsnap’s products and services. He highlighted Patsnap’s mission to empower an even greater number of technology innovators, enabling them to unlock their full potential and create enhanced value in the industry.

About 3M

Founded in 1902, 3M is a world-renowned diversified technology innovation company encompassing a wide range of industries and sectors. From essential household items to cutting-edge medical innovations, from transformative solutions in transportation and construction to powering advancements in business, education, electronics, and communications, 3M’s diverse product offerings cater to numerous fields with unparalleled expertise and excellence.

About Patsnap

Founded in 2007, Patsnap is the company behind the world’s leading AI-powered innovation intelligence platform. Patsnap provides global businesses with a connected, easy-to-use platform that helps them make better decisions in the innovation process. Customers are innovators across multiple industry sectors, including agriculture and chemicals, consumer goods, food and beverage, life sciences, automotive, oil and gas, professional services, aviation and aerospace, and education.  

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