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PatSnap’s 3-Part Deep Tech Pharmaceutical Report

Private: PatSnap’s 3-Part Deep Tech Pharmaceutical Report

There are more than 10,000 diseases afflicting humans today, but only five percent of these diseases have approved treatment options. Although spend on pharmaceutical research and development is increasing, 96% of potential drugs never make it to market.

In our 3-part Deep Tech Pharmaceutical Report, we explore:

  1. How to reduce the cost of biologics with innovation intelligence
  2. The future of adeno-associated virus therapies
  3. A deep dive into RNA therapeutics

Each report can be read as a standalone analysis or combined for a more holistic, 360-degree industry overview.

Key Insights:

The AAV technology domain, although niche, has incredible startup attention and venture capital (VC) funding opportunity. Key players include:

  • Spark therapeutics
  • Regenxbio
  • Voyager Therapeutics
  • Asklepios Biopharmaceutical
  • Rocket Pharmaceuticals

In particular, Regenxbio is very active in protecting its IP, holding 408 patents. The graph below illustrates the company’s patent filing strategy as per specific technology topics and therapeutic intersections.

RNA-related patent applications are increasing year over year, signaling an innovation uptick, as well as a strategic shift in how pharma companies protect their IP.

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