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Data is growing exponentially – faster than it can be analyzed. With the growth in patenting activity, the ability to derive knowledge and wisdom from the data becomes harder, but more critical than ever. Patsnap Patent Analytics, powered by AI, helps separate signals from noise and gather the right intelligence for better decision making.

  • Billions of data points

    Enjoy seamless linkage of patent, literature, legal and featured data like valuation estimates, name standardizations, translations and more - updated daily.

  • Comprehensive search options

    Access a diverse range of search capabilities to suit every need, from a quick image search to highly-detailed FTO search projects, and everything in between.

  • IP and technical teams

    Streamline workflows and enhance collaboration using the Workspaces module to overcome bottlenecks.

  • Industry-leading analysis and review tools

    Instantly spot key details within a record or entire dataset with intelligent review tools for every kind of user.

  • Diverse search capabilities to suit every need

    Explore Patsnap's wide range of search options: merge searches, build field searches, import from external tools, conduct semantic and image-based searches, and more! Your ultimate search destination.

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  • Spot the right details in an instant

    Boost productivity with Patsnap's smart review tools. Link figures with text via Smart Image, extract insights from file wrappers, speed up reading with personalized multi-window layout, and access a host of additional capabilities.

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  • Reduce workflow bottlenecks and improve productivity between teams

    Unite IP and technical teams, fostering alignment by connecting users in Workspaces. Craft custom project and record classifications, use AI-backed tagging to classify patent records, and more.

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  • Turn data into valuable insights

    Patsnap's Custom Analysis tool provides instant insights through templates, customizable reports, and enriched custom taxonomies. Share real-time IP intelligence internally or externally, boosting market insights and decision-making.

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