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Patents contain valuable technical information about how an invention works. Although you can’t copy that information, you can still use it for competitor tracking, strategic planning and decision making. PatSnap gives scientists and engineers—with no prior IP experience—immediate access to patent data, so you can make better and faster business decisions.

Practical tips for using patent data to track your competitors

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Competitor intelligence

Competitor intelligence

Wouldn’t it be great to know your competitor’s next moves before they made them? PatSnap helps you plan and react early to competitor threats. Analysing patent activity can help you discover your competitors' latest and most valuable technologies, new entrants to the market and hidden R&D opportunities with low competition.

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Buyers, sellers or intermediaries in corporate M&A activity too often under-estimate the role IP assets can play in a potential transaction. The valuation, capital structuring, scenario planning, risk assessment and post-deal integration of an asset in many industries can be significantly impacted by IP, but getting the data to inform these decisions has always been too hard.


Put monetary value on individual patents and portfolios held by target companies, giving you an upper hand in negotiation


Identify potentially high-risk areas – is the target’s invention protected? Are they at risk of infringing?


Identify potential competitors or partners from seemingly unrelated sectors that otherwise wouldn’t show-up


Assess the strength of a target vs competitors – portfolio value, innovation rate, geo presence and by technology areas

New market assessment

Of all the factors to consider when entering a new market – geographic or product – IP can be among the hardest to assess.

  • New market assessment

    Will we be infringing local patents that don’t exist in home markets?

  • New market assessment

    Has an incumbent heavily protected a tech area, severely limiting our freedom to operate?

  • New market assessment

    Do I know all the competitors in the new market, including the potential new entrants?

New market assessment

PatSnap has unmatched global patent coverage, and built-in patent translation and standardization to make it much quicker to identify risk areas in new markets, reducing the need to engage expensive IP consulting resources in each market.

Business risk assessment

Business risk assessment

Of all the factors to consider when entering a new market – geographic or product – IP can be among the hardest to assess.

Using PatSnap, companies can:

  • Set-up alerts triggered by the events that matter most – new competitor filing, new licensing deal, litigation activity etc.

  • Immediately investigate the extent and potential impact of an event – and determine how this changes patent value, competitor strength or market conditions

Identify additional potential revenue streams

Is maximising return from IP assets a C-level concern? High profile cases in recent years show that IP can cause major market shifts and open up new revenue streams worth millions. With PatSnap, business strategy teams can incorporate IP valuation and competitor activity into their planning assumptions.

Portfolio valuation and strategy planning

Portfolio valuation and strategy planning - identify which patents to let lapse, which to maintain and which are candidates for sale or licensing

Landscaping enables those without detailed

Landscaping enables those without detailed subject matter technical knowledge to quickly compile lists of potential partners or purchasers for further investigation

Technical sales resources can use PatSnap

Technical sales resources can use PatSnap for additional prospect insights - quickly see where a prospect is investing research and development spend, where they have recently licensed in or out, where technologies can complement by using the technology proximity algorithms built-in to PatSnap landscaping

Talent scouting


Inventor information is easily accessible - search by technology and build a target list of active inventors with expertise in the areas you’re interested in. While this could be for potential hiring, it also provides access to a vast knowledge base for peer review, independent assessment, potential partnerships, event speakers, content co-authors, advice, consulting and more. Recruitment teams can add depth unavailable on tools such as LinkedIn, and business development teams can find individuals based on specific technology expertise that otherwise may not be publicly available.

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Our Products

IP analysis, visualisation and workflow tools for professionals at all levels of proficiency.



Run all-encompassing searches on a worldwide patent database—covering 130 million patents—using an easy-to-understand and fully customisable interface.



Search and analyse over 300 million protein, DNA and RNA sequences linked to 130 million patents, across all major patent jurisdictions.



The Discovery platform brings millions of market, technology, and competitor insights to your whole innovation team, to accelerate research and development.



Visualise trends across multiple, innovationfocussed data sets—including patents—so you can easily make rewarding strategic decisions.



Explore 114 million structures linked to over 130 million patents, REACH, US FDA, clinical trial, Chinese FDA and European EMA regulatory information.



We are now making our trusted global datasets available programmatically–so you can easily add patent and legal data into your own applications and tools.