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Arbor Biotechnologies

PatSnap customer: Arbor Biotechnologies, an early stage life sciences company pushing the boundaries of biodiscovery

Unlocking nature’s genetic diversity to create transformative products in human health and sustainability

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Hear from Christine Falaschetti,
Senior Patent Agent at Arbor Biotechnologies

Christine Falaschetti of Arbor Biotechnologies

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Life sciences


Massachusetts, USA

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Quote from Christine Falaschetti

"One thing I like about PatSnap that I don’t get from free resources is that PatSnap includes a countless number of jurisdictions. I can see in many countries—large and small—what the status of an application of a certain family is."

-Christine Falaschetti,
Senior Patent Agent, Arbor Biotechnologies

The obstacle

Arbor Biotechnologies needed a way to identify white space in their highly competitive and fast-paced industry.

The solution

With PatSnap’s solutions, they were able to more clearly see industry white space and pursue viable avenues of research.

The outcome

Increased confidence in their sequences, resulting in projected cost savings when filing patent applications.

Video interview with Arbor Biotechnologies's Christine Falaschetti

"PatSnap allows us to do our sequence searches in-house, really helping us save on legal fees."

Watch now: Christine Falaschetti, Senior Patent Agent at Arbor Biotechnologies, speaks to the cost and time savings associated with using PatSnap Bio for sequence-based searching.

Uncovering industry white space with innovation intelligence

Arbor Biotechnologies is an early-stage life sciences company harnessing the power of nature to solve complex challenges across a range of industries. The company relies on a talented team of employees, visionary leadership and a suite of technologies and solutions, to help them deliver on this important and impactful mission.

At the core of their business is their next-generation biodiscovery platform, which uncovers CRISPR enzymes and systems – the genetic hallmarks of a bacterial defense system – to aid in the development of diagnostic tools and therapeutic applications. According to Christine Falaschetti, Senior Patent Agent at Arbor Biotechnologies, the need and significance of this work makes it a highly watched, fast-paced industry to work in, with many new players entering the market.

The difference connected intelligence makes

Arbor Biotechnologies turned to an innovation intelligence solution like PatSnap’s to help them achieve their business objectives. Due to constant activity in the space, innovation intelligence is vital to staying on top of their specific technology area. “It’s very crucial that we stay up to date and know where the white space is, the directions in which others in our field are going, and what unmet needs exist,” said Falaschetti. “We conduct Freedom to Operate analyses so that we can be confident in the direction that we’re going.”

Falaschetti is no stranger to using PatSnap, having used the solution in her previous role. When she joined Arbor Biotechnologies, she immediately knew that PatSnap was something she needed to do her job effectively. “After having PatSnap, it seems like someone has cut off your left arm when you’re trying to work without it,” said Falaschetti. Filing a large volume of patents during her first weeks on the job made the need to bring PatSnap on board even stronger. “There wasn’t much of a question of whether or not we needed PatSnap.”

Significant time and money savings

According to Falaschetti, PatSnap has played a big part in Arbor Biotechnologies’ ability to run sequence searches with confidence. Prior to PatSnap, she was accustomed to using older software or software that charged her a fee based on the number of sequences run and the length of time spent in the system. “You never really knew if you got exactly what you were looking for because you were constantly trying to beat the clock. PatSnap takes all of that out of the picture and you can focus on what you want to search,” says Falaschetti. “You can easily see application numbers, what the coverage is. I like that everything is so organized, readable and user friendly. It saves me a lot of time.”

In addition to helping them save time, PatSnap has helped Arbor Biotechnologies avoid unnecessary expenses. For a company that frequently conducts computational searches on sequences, having background knowledge on a sequence helps them save significant costs long-term. “Before we order the sequences or start our very expensive assaying process, I like to be able to run the sequences and have confidence in what we’re ordering, that there is some white space there and we’re not wasting resources doing something that we may find down the road is not a viable avenue,” said Falaschetti. “PatSnap has helped us select various paths for our research by showing us that white space.”

Flexible patent search options

As a company heavily focused on sequence-based research, Falaschetti appreciates the variety of search functions that PatSnap offers. When it comes to advanced searches, Falaschetti finds PatSnap’s ability to search different jurisdictions to be especially beneficial to her work. “I appreciate that I can run advanced searches and run reports and gate by company or country. It’s really helpful to have that global picture of IP.”

As Arbor Biotechnologies continues to build out their operations and establish their corporate goals and vision, finding viable areas of research to build upon are crucial to their go-forward plans. PatSnap’s solution has been instrumental in helping them find these areas and determining where the most promising opportunities for their business lie.