PatSnap secures $300 million in Series E funding to change the way the world innovates. **READ THE ANNOUNCEMENT**
PatSnap secures $300 million in Series E funding to change the way the world innovates. **READ THE ANNOUNCEMENT**
"[This investment] will help solidify PatSnap as the industry standard for innovation intelligence." — *Jeffrey Tiong, Founder & CEO* **Read now**
"[This investment] will help solidify PatSnap as the industry standard for innovation intelligence." — *Jeffrey Tiong, Founder & CEO* **Read now**

Episode 7 of Innovation Capital podcast:

IP in a network effect and AI driven future‪

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About Innovation Capital

Inspired by the words of U.S. inventor Charles Kettering, “if you have always done it that way, it’s probably wrong,” Innovation Capital, presented by PatSnap, was born out of a desire to go where no other innovation podcast has gone. Just as the world’s top innovators have pushed the boundaries of what’s familiar and accepted, host Ray Chohan takes a completely fresh and unfiltered look at some of the biggest topics shaping innovation today. From the key drivers of innovation, to its role in the economic value chain and groundbreaking outputs, Innovation Capital leaves no question unanswered. When it comes to innovation, we are your capital; your mecca for daring discussion and the fuel for your growth and scalability. Welcome to Innovation Capital.

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In this episode of Innovation Capital

We explore the standards emerging in the area of intellectual property management and how it is impacting the innovation process.

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Episode highlights

  • The way we train and educate people on IP needs to be changed dramatically
  • We need to be much better at explaining what role IP plays
  • The most valuable company in the world doesn’t make most of their own components, software, and products. That is the value of intangible
  • Some companies are appointing a Chief of IP role, which is really smart
  • All forms of IP are going through a change
  • Do you allow AI to become an inventor?
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The experts

  • Episode Guest:

    Donal O’Connell

    Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law at Brunel University, London

    Donal O’Connell is the Managing Director of Chawton Innovation Services Limited, which offers consultancy in the areas of innovation and intellectual property management.

    Donal is a former VP of R&D and Director of IP at Nokia. In the US he was manager of Nokia R&D in Texas from 1997 to 2003, growing the site from scratch by recruiting and developing more than 600 engineers and developing and launching many successful products. More recently, from 2003 to 2009, Donal was a Director of IP at Nokia and was the leader of Nokia’s Patent Creation team. During this time period he successfully managed several major change projects. Alongside the creation of new patents, the team was also responsible for third-party patent risk mitigation, IP Agent network management, and IP processes, systems and tools.

    Donal has been a member of the Executive Board of the Eco Patent Commons initiative and Chair of the CPA Global Memotech IUG.

    Donal has written two books: “Inside the Patent Factory” and, most recently, “Harvesting External Innovation,” on the subject of collaborative innovation and IP, published by Gower in June, 2011.

    Donal is an Adjunct Professor at Imperial College, London.

  • Host:

    Ray Chohan

    Founder West & VP New Ventures, PatSnap

    Ray is Founder West & VP New Ventures and the founding member of PatSnap in Europe. He started the London operation from his living room in 2012, growing the team to 70+ by 2015. Prior to PatSnap, Ray was BD Director at Datamonitor where he was an award-winning revenue generator across various verticals and product lines over an 8-year period. This journey gave Ray the unique insight and inspiration to start the PatSnap ‘go to market’ in London. Ray now leads corporate development where he focuses his time on creating new partnerships and go-to-market strategies.

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