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Expiring patents can be a major driver for growth in markets. In this paper, we use the example of generic pharmaceuticals to explore what approaches can be adopted to identify and isolate the best opportunities arising from expiring IP.

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Using IP Data for Market Intelligence and Investment Research

We're firm believers that IP data is an under-used resource in market intelligence. In this paper we provide an overview on how to tap-in to this deep source of valuable insights.

Nanotechnology: Exploring the bigger picture

IP can provide a pathway into new technology or research areas. Using nanotechnology as our subject, we used patent insights to segment a complex and exciting area.

Tracking the success of CRISPR

The obvious significance of this gene-editing technique prompted us to take a closer look into how technology moves from university lab to commercial application, and the role IP plays in this process.

Reshaping the automotive Industry

Using the hot topic of driverless cars, we've looked at how open innovation is transforming a traditional industry, and at what the IP strategies of the big auto players - old and new - can tell us.

Mitigating risk with IP analysis

IP data can be used for a lot more than traditional patent searching. In this white paper we look at how the insights from IP can be used to identify and mitigate risks. And we used virtual reality as our guide.

Huawei takes on the world with R&D

Smartphone and telecoms equipment manufacturer Huawei has risen to 3rd in global smartphone shipments - this paper looks at how its R&D strategy is giving it the edge.

Haier acquisition of GE Appliances – what IP can tell us about M&A

In June 2016, Chinese firm Haier acquired the appliances division of GE, a deal announced back in January. In this paper, we took a look at how IP intelligence can inform acquisition strategy.

The emerging technology of drones

IP data can be used to assess new markets - analysing the vendor landscape and providing insights into future innovation. Using the drones market as an example, we did just that.