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April 26
How to use Blue Ocean Strategy to Build a Strategic Patent Portfolio Register now
May 3
Collaboration: How to drive efficiency and productivity amongst your team Register now
May 10
Innovation Models in the Knowledge Economy Register now
May 23
Using patent valuation data to measure the ROI of R&D Register now
June 7
Patentwissen für die Praxis – speziell für Manager! Register now
June 14
Design Patents – A Primer for Searchers and End Users Register now
June 22
The business of R&D: How intellectual property can reduce your tax bill Register now
June 28
Ask a Patent Attorney: Patent Costs and How To Minimize Them Register now


On-Demand Breaking down innovation silos Watch now
On-Demand Product Webinar - Freedom to Operate Searches Watch now
On-Demand IP Considerations and Due Diligence when investing in Startups Watch now
On-Demand Product Webinar - PatSnap Insights Watch now
On-Demand Product Webinar - PatSnap Basics Watch now
On-Demand Commercialising IP: Bridging the gap between academia and industry Watch now
On-Demand Product Webinar - PatSnap Advanced Watch now
On-Demand Patent Industry Challenges for 2017 with IP Watchdog's Gene Quinn Watch now
On-Demand How to Maximize your ROI using Intellectual Property Data Watch now
On-Demand Ask a Patent Attorney: Intellectual property strategy Q&A Watch now
On-Demand Negotiating Patent Licensing Terms Watch now
On-Demand IP Portfolio Management for SMEs Watch now
On-Demand Patent Valuation Methodologies for Companies and Entrepreneurs Watch now
On-Demand Managing Patent Annuity Costs - What you need to know Watch now
On-Demand Anti-Counterfeiting: Developing a Successful Brand Protection Strategy Watch now
On-Demand Identifying Similar Patents in your Technology Space Watch now
On-Demand How to build and measure innovation culture using IP analysis Watch now
On-Demand China: IP Considerations in Supply and Distribution Relationships Watch now
On-Demand Diagnostic and Therapeutic Patent and License Strategies Watch now
On-Demand Intellectual Property in China: Myth and Reality Watch now
On-Demand 3D Bioprinting - TeVido: From Research Lab to Bedside Watch now
On-Demand Dancing Bears in Colorful Ball Gowns & Other Methods of Disruption & Innovation Watch now