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Professional Services

Research, training and support services to help innovators and legal teams identify technological opportunities to make timely, confident IP and R&D decisions.

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Expert results, support and analysis to help you maximize efficiency and improve ROI

Support to get you where you need to be, faster. Leverage our team of industry experts to deliver thorough and accurate data analysis to better support your innovation initiatives.

  • Platform services

    • Migration services
    • Training services
    • Citation tracker
    • Technology and competitor workspaces
    • Platform analytical report
    • Competitor or technology workspaces

    Learn more: Platform Services

  • Search services

    • Knockout prior art searches
    • Patentability and novelty assessment searches
    • State of the art searches
    • Freedom to operate searches
    • Validity, invalidity and infringement searches

    Learn more: Search Services

  • Research and analytics services

    • Patent landscaping reports
    • Competitive intelligence and benchmarking reports
    • Freedom to operate analysis reports
    • Portfolio audit and benchmarking reports

    Learn more: Research Services