Professional Services

Research, training and support services to help innovators connect the dots and make timely, confident IP and R&D decisions.

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Reduce time-to-value in the PatSnap platform

Our professional services team are here to help solve your IP and innovation needs so you can reduce inefficiencies, save time, better allocate resources, and get value from the PatSnap’s innovation intelligence platform from the get-go.

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Maximize efficiency and improve ROI with our professional services

  • Improve the quality of search results

    Improve the quality of your search results and configure the platform to fit in your daily workflow, enabling you to extract right insights and trends with ease.

  • Custom built research

    Tailored research reports delivering actionable insights through visually engaging output.

  • Answer the hardest questions

    Combining insights from deep patent analysis and non-patent data sources to support your business decisions around patent landscaping, competitor and technology intelligence.

  • Build platform confidence

    Comprehensive portfolio of bespoke training services delivered by technical experts that help you run patent searches with more confidence, developing the skills to run use cases such as prior art searches, FTO analysis, competitive and technology analysis.

  • Migrate with ease

    Platform migration delivered with precision and accuracy with no fear of losing your patent searches and results.