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Innovate confidently with our enhanced sequence searching solution.

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Follow an exceptional growth trajectory for your Biotech innovations

Bio-innovation has picked up extraordinary momentum in the recent years in the fields of biotechnology, healthcare, agriculture, plastics and consumer goods. Industry experts anticipate that 60% of the world’s physical inputs could be made using biological means and that 45% of the world’s disease burden could be addressed with bio-innovations. The biologics market is anticipated to grow at a vigorous rate of ~12% in next 7 years.

In partnership with CAS®, PatSnap Bio is the largest sequence searching platform, enabling you to conduct comprehensive, confident sequence searches and generate analysis around biomolecules – enhancing your R&D innovation as well as strengthening your IP protection strategy.

PatSnap Bio – The largest sequence searching platform, combining AI with manual curation

A unique platform that uses innovation intelligence, to connect patent and non-patent literature sequences with therapeutics and biologics. We enable IP and R&D teams to find the right answers or solutions that help improve their research effectiveness, build strong innovation pipelines, improve productivity and craft solid IP protection strategy.

  • Unrivalled coverage

    • Over 550m patent sequences and over 500m non-patent sequences for most comprehensive sequence searching to avoid litigation risk and improve R&D activities
    • In partnership with CAS®, coverage includes manually curated patents and non-patent sequences from proprietary sources
    • Unbeatable coverage from over 1.1m patents
  • Superior platform

    • Best-in-class AI algorithms (CDR, motif, short and long sequences) to power your search
    • Unique sequence highlighter functionality, landscape features and other visualizations
    • Seamless transition to patents and non-patent sources from sequences
  • Value-added capabilities

    • Sequences extracted from claims, patents and full-text and images, in addition to the listing files
    • Over 1.25m manually curated Chemically Modified Sequences including synthetic, peptide, protein and oligonucleotide sequences
    • Sequences indexed to Drugs and Targets to analyse therapeutic activities

Driving strategic IP and R&D decisions with PatSnap Bio

By combining sequences from manual curation and listing files, PatSnap Bio makes it easy to search protein, DNA and RNA sequences within patents and non-patent sources, thereby making it the most powerful sequence searching tool for patentability and freedom-to-operate searches, enabling the empowerment of biotech inventions.

PatSnap Bio screen grab showing sequence search results

Validate novelty and freedom to operate

  • Innovate more confidently and find all the sequence-relevant prior art from both patent and non-patent sources.
  • Conduct more powerful sequence searching for a comprehensive FTO and patent litigation search, using our powerful CDR and Motif search algorithms.
  • Generate comprehensive reports, download FASTA files, compare sequence alignments, highlight sequences within patents and custom export your results to present your findings easily.

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PatSnap Bio screen grab showing EPO and WIPO coverage

Chase new frontiers in bio-innovation

  • Discover novel applications for your sequence and identify who is innovating in the space.
  • Identify opportunities to create biosimilars or understand how chemical modifications can help produce desired effects on a biomolecule.
  • Take your research topic to the next level by analysing sequences from non-patent literature using manual annotations, concepts and index terms.

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PatSnap Bio screen grab showing genetic sequences

Identify sequences for therapeutic activities

  • With efficient indexing of biologics and targets to sequences, PatSnap Bio makes it possible to search and identify sequences by drugs or targets and enables you to conduct due diligence in your therapeutic space.
  • Explore new research activities by identifying sequences pertaining to biological approvals and related targets and diseases.
  • Compare sequences with yours, and locate and highlight them within complex patent structures with our state-of-the-art sequence highlighter functionality.

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PatSnap Bio screen grab showing competitor landscapes

Stay on top of competitor movements

  • Track your competitors to see if they are working on similar sequences or moving into new areas.
  • By seamlessly moving from sequences to relevant patents, non-patent literature and NCBI collections, easily conduct comprehensive landscape analysis.
  • Visualize your results graphically and evaluate sequence space from an IP perspective and see where competitors are building strength.

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  • One-stop solution to identify sequences from patents, NCBI and other non-patent sources.

  • AI-powered platform enabling effective searching for CDR, Motif, Short & long sequences.

  • Manually curated sequences from claims, full-text/images of patents and non-patent sources, and annotations achieved in partnership with CAS®.

  • Advanced analysis and visualization capabilities for faster decision making.

  • Largest collection of over 550m patent sequences and over 500m non-patent sequences including proprietary sources from CAS®.

  • Sequences uniquely indexed to Drugs and Targets to identify therapeutic activities.

PatSnap statistics

  • 0m+ patents with sequences
  • 0m+ sequences from patents
  • 0m+ sequences from non-patent literature
  • 0+ jurisdictions covered

Biotech brands using PatSnap

  • Seattle Genetics
  • Vertex Ventures
  • Sobi
  • Lonza
  • Adaptimmune