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2017 analysis by Arundeep Pradhan, former president of the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM), suggests that TTOs are getting worse at turning higher inputs of resources, into higher outputs of commercial opportunity. 

We spoke to a pair of experts—one from academia and one from industry—about their strategies for successful industry-academia partnerships.

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The R&D guide on using patent data to beat markets & competitors

Failed projects, following long and laborious R&D cycles, can be frustrating—especially if a competitor reaches the finish line first. However, this can be easily avoided by using real-time insights from IP data.

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Expert opinions on increasing R&D productivity

We asked the experts who regularly confront the challenges holding back R&D productivity, their strategies for coming out on top.

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Reshaping the automotive Industry

In industries where the stakes are high and innovation is rapidly accelerating, information from IP analysis becomes absolutely vital for determining the right areas in which to focus R&D efforts or mitigate risk.


Freedom to Operate search guide

Conducting throrough freedom to operate (FTO) searches is an essential part of R&D. In this paper, we will look at top tips for conducting an effective FTO search. 


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Tracking the success of CRISPR

The obvious significance of this gene-editing technique prompted us to take a closer look into how technology moves from university lab to commercial application. 


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Mitigating risk with IP analysis

IP data can be used for a lot more than traditional patent searching. In this white paper we look at how the insights from IP can be used to identify and mitigate risks. And we used virtual reality as our guide.


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Top M&A deals of 2017: Strategies for identifying threats and opportunities 

M&A deals are expensive, risky and (potentially) transformative—if you make consistently good decisions. IP data can help you achieve that quality and consistency in decision making.


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Buyer and seller's guide to patent valuation

Intangible assets now account for up to 80 per cent of a company’s value, but understanding how intellectual property should be valued can be problematic. We take a look at the key areas of patent valuation. 


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A guide to understanding patentable inventions

One of the most frustratining things for an engineer or R&D professional is coming up with a bunch of innovative and exciting ideas for the next product development cycle, only to realise it cannot be patented.



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Exploiting expiring patents: Generic pharmaceuticals

We use the example of generic pharmaceuticals to explore what approaches can be adopted to identify and isolate the best opportunities arising from expiring IP.


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Robots: A new relationship with technology

Spending on robotics is set to hit $135.4 billion in 2019, and patenting activity is exploding as innovators look to protect their intellectual property in this rapidly-developing field.


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Using IP Data for Market Intelligence and Investment Research

We're firm believers that IP data is an under-used resource in market intelligence. In this paper we provide an overview on how to tap-in to this deep source of valuable insights.


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3D Printing in Healthcare

3D printing counts as one of the top medical breakthroughs in our time, offering the potential to usher in a new era of personalized, customizable treatment


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Nanotechnology: Exploring the bigger picture

IP can provide a pathway into new technology or research areas. Using nanotechnology as our subject, we used patent insights to segment a complex and exciting area.



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The interplay of litigation and innovation: How to strike a balance

The patent system and litigation, especially from patent trolls, are often accused of hindering investment in R&D and reducing innovation.



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The Top Ten Universities by Innovation Impact

Some of the most important innovations of the 21st century began life as research projects, and universities continue to lead the way in new understandings of areas such as medicine, engineering, and the wider world around us.



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Use IP landscapes to add value to your patent portfolio

There’s nothing new to the ongoing importance of managing intellectual property as an asset. What is new is the increasing level of scrutiny that IP is receiving as a strategic asset within an organization.



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Identify and avoid the five most common IP risks using landscapes

Companies are becoming more aware of intellectual property and the risks associated with it. There are three broad attitudes being observed in organizations at the moment.



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