Asking the right questions is at least as important as being able to interpret results, and with PatSnap search we have the widest range of search tools and functions available.

Searches can begin with any aspect of IP - technology, assignee, patent number or classification, inventor and by date range, legal status and much more.

For those that are new to IP, we’ve focused on making it simple to search patents without sacrificing thoroughness. Using techniques such as machine learning-based keyword helper, semantic searching and image searching, no prior knowledge of IP is needed to be able to conduct highly-specific queries.

While for those familiar with IP and / or advanced search techniques, PatSnap provides the ability to build powerful boolean search strings and to precisely refine results using pre-built filters, keyword highlighting and one click patent translation.

PatSnap Search


IP research and patent analysis - whether for freedom to operate, patentability, competitor analysis, technology trend analysis, tech or talent scouting or more - typically involves a process of search and analysis to narrow results to a manageable and highly relevant set of documents for more detailed review. Traditionally, this involved piles of print-outs and a highlighter pen, and took weeks, making it all but off limits for anyone but patent attorneys. In contrast, PatSnap has been designed from the start to make quick analysis of IP data possible for all.

With one click, core trend data is available - covering filing history, leading assignees and inventors, regional split and IPC (International Patent Classification) codes. Further analysis based on more advanced features include patent valuation data, litigation information, licensing data and citations.


Business Intelligence

Intellectual property data contains unique insights into future technology changes, market shifts and competitor strategy, and unlocking this business intelligence is at the heart of PatSnap.

While a single patent deals with one invention - which may or may not be revolutionary and wide-ranging in its impact - by taking patent information in aggregate, and employing big data analysis techniques, it's possible to quickly identify where technology is heading, or where a competitor, potential acquisition target, or partner is investing and from this to begin to predict future market moves.

For example, a smartphone-focused consumer electronics manufacturer investing heavily in smart home capabilities, or a drone manufacturer focusing on high-end reliability features more applicable to industrial use cases rather than toys.



Managing IP-related process across multiple teams, particularly across different departments, is essential if the true value from IP is to be realised.

This can include in-house, or 3rd party, IP teams supporting R&D departments needing to be working from the same data-set. While many IP professionals are also experts in a particular field of science or technology, they will almost always rely on the specialist for the deep knowledge needed to analyse a particular patent or competitor landscape, and emailing patent references or PDF images of individual documents is inefficient and prone to error. PatSnap provides collaboration and workflow tools to make this collaboration easy.


Customer Success

We love it when organisations put IP front and center in their planning and decision-making, and our IP Consultants help organisations achieve this every day.

From the very first login we want to make sure that our customers are able to achieve their goals and our on-boarding and support programs are designed to help IP experts and novice alike access the IP intelligence they need.

At the core of our model is hands-on support on specific customer projects - every demo and training session is based on the real-life IP questions our clients are working on, resulting in specific answers or follow-up actions.


Our success relies on our ability to provide you with a safe and trustworthy place for your data. Find out more about our Data Security.