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Innovation Academy: Introducing our Lead Academic in Residence, Joe Sekhon

The evolution of Innovation Academy’s curriculum continues with the introduction of our Academic Board.

Understanding the innovation process

Since Innovation Academy’s inception, our goal has been to provide users with the content and resources necessary to understand the innovation process, and ultimately bring commercially viable innovations to market.

However, as the pace of innovation rapidly accelerates, accomplishing this goal isn’t something we can do in a silo. As such, we’ve created an Academic Board, complete with innovation experts who help us curate timely, actionable, and relevant courses for our users.

Meet the expert: Joe Sekhon

Joe Sekhon

Our Lead Academic in Residence, Joe Sekhon, has been especially crucial to our course research and development process. As a Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Property (IP) at Portsmouth University, an entrepreneur, and the Founder of iPass (Intellectual Property Advice for Student Start-ups), Joe brings a wealth of know-how and expertise — both academic and real-world — to the table.

As our Lead Academic in Residence, Joe’s role includes:

  • IP, R&D, and innovation-related course research and development
  • Identifying and inviting relevant academia professionals to join our board and provide regional and international expertise
  • Monitor research, trends, and new methodologies that may disrupt innovation

Explore Innovation Academy

We look forward to working closely with Joe in the months ahead, and releasing an abundance of in-demand content and resources to help you accelerate your innovation journey.

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