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Episode 6 of PatSnap's Frontier3 podcast

A New Generation of Digital Products in the Metaverse, featuring Enara Nazarova

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About the Frontier3 Podcast

Welcome to Frontier3 by PatSnap!

This series is dedicated to unpacking the innovation ecosystem of Web3. Featuring our Co-Founder, Ray Chohan, and various industry experts, Frontier3 explores how Web3 will fundamentally change how we live, work, and play.

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In This Episode of Frontier3

Ray is joined by one of the top 30 most influential voices in the metaverse today, Enara Nazarova. Enara is the founder of ARMOAR, a platform for collaborative discovery and gamified creation of generative digital materials. As a fashion and performing arts expert who successfully scaled several high-growth startups, Enara shares her take on the impact Web3 will have on fashion and other creative industries. She also discusses the buying power and habits of GenZ and young Millennials, and how NFTs and composable tokens are just the beginning of a complete shift in how creative industries engage with their customers.

Episode Highlights

  • Holding 55% of today’s buying power, Gen Zs and young Millennials are spending more time on ROBLOX and Animal Crossing than Facebook, Netflix, and YouTube combined.
  • NFTs and other digital tokens are just the beginning and need to be considered by every business.
  • Enara and Ray imagine the future of composable assets, how they could interact with other assets and bring virtual objects to life.
  • The more complicated development of “human assets” such as a virtual you, that works while you sleep.
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The Experts

  • Episode Guest:

    Enara Nazarova

    Founder at ARMOAR and Digital Fashion & Art Club | Top 30 Voice in the Metaverse

    Enara Nazarova

    Enara is a Turkmen-American marketer and entrepreneur building a new generation of digital products in media and technology.

    Coming into tech with a background in fashion and performing arts, she always looks for ways to create a sense of wonder. For the last 7 years, she has launched and scaled high-growth startups focused on building tools that empower creators to do what they do best: make things.

    Enara is on a mission to inspire Web 3.0 creative technologies that will allow people to express themselves in the Metaverse. Today Enara is bringing to life ARMOAR – a platform for the collaborative creation of interactive textures. She is also the founder of the Digital Fashion & Art show and podcast.

    Enara was named one of the Top 30 Most Influencial People in the Metaverse by ReadWrite

    Connect with Enara Nazarova on LinkedIn

  • Host:

    Ray Chohan

    Co-Founder & VP New Ventures at PatSnap

    Ray Chohan

    Ray started PatSnap’s western operation from his apartment in 2012, helping grow the team to 400+ by 2020. PatSnap now serves 15,000 companies worldwide – supporting R&D, Innovation & IP teams with market and technology intelligence research. Their SaaS-based platform helps Deep Tech innovators connect the dots between technology, markets, and people. PatSnap officially became a Unicorn in 2021 and now has over 1,100 employees and 15,000 companies using its software across EMEA, North America & Asia. The ultimate mission is to provide intelligence that improves R&D and Innovation productivity to help innovators bring their ideas successfully to market. Ray also works closely with Blockchain & Web3 community and is a passionate angel investor in this space.