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Intellectual property plays a key role across all stages of the research and technology transfer functions at academic institutions. From providing insight into newly protected invention, to ideas for cross-application of technology, and from partner and technology scouting to the data behind commercialisation activity.

Researchers and scientists need no patent experience to perform deep searches into highly specialised fields, while university tech transfer departments can access patent valuation, licensing and litigation data to help build a complete picture of commercialization opportunities for a given technology.

IP for research and invention

IP for research and invention

By making patent search and analysis accessible and usable for non-IP experts, PatSnap provides scientists with a new source of information for use during research. Research conducted in the commercial sector is often not publicly available until a relevant patent is filed, so for a complete picture of the latest developments, patent data is essential. And using citation information and plotting patenting in a given field over time, scientists can follow the multiple strands of previous research and so avoid wasting time on previously unsuccessful avenues.

Following the money

Following the money

With the funding data available in PatSnap, teams can quickly identify technology areas receiving research investment. Using PatSnap’s graphical landscaping tool, researchers and scientists can precisely pinpoint their particular area of focus and immediately see any funding associated with that field including the specific grant information. This data helps inform future grant applications as well as identify potential sources of grants and other research teams for potential cooperation.

Protecting invention

When research leads to potentially patentable invention, scientists and researchers need to quickly identify whether an idea could be, or should be, protected. With a simple copy and paste of the abstract into PatSnap’s landscaping tool, in a matter of seconds you can see if your idea is in a heavily protected area or not - giving you an immediate indication of patentability without the need for invention disclosure or discussion with a patent attorney. Ideas that appear in relatively ‘open’ areas can then be pursued through the patent teams as normal, saving time, work and money by only taking forward the more likely ideas.

Protecting invention

Technology transfer

Technology transfer

With more and more academic institutions recognising the opportunity for new sources of income from their research teams, the tech transfer and commercialisation teams have never been busier. PatSnap supports each step of the process - from early indication of patentability and freedom to operate using powerful patent search and analysis tools, to providing insights to assess commercial viability, including patent valuation data and litigation and licensing information. By plotting a new idea - whether patented or not, onto our 3D landscaping map, TTO teams can also quickly generate a short-list of potential buyers or licensors by seeing who else is patenting in a given space. Further, the use of IPC classification codes to identify other applications of the same technology can surface prospects in hitherto unconsidered markets.

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