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IP data-as-a-service

Access global IP and innovation datasets so you can make more impactful business decisions.

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The world’s most innovative companies have a secret. Want in on it?

They use external data to answer their most strategic questions. But as the number of innovation, IP and alternative intelligence data sources increases, the sorting and processing of this information becomes yet another data challenge. Companies must augment internal and external datasets to drive the most value from and manage IP and innovation data in a more efficient, connected way.

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Connected intelligence is key to effective decision making

With the application of machine learning and AI, we connect millions of data points from patents, licensing, litigation and company information with non-patent literature to bring together the world’s most comprehensive IP and R&D datasets ready to plug into your infrastructure and distribute through your tools, giving actionable intelligence to connect the dots and make better business decisions.

Streamline processes

Improve overall operational efficiency by automating manual processes.

Facilitate cross-team collaboration

Systematically sharing IP insights with non-legal stakeholders reduces bottlenecks.

Perform unique and powerful analysis

Combine IP intelligence with your internal business data to make more informed strategic decisions.

Seamless integration

Easily integrate tools and ingest IP analytics directly into mission critical applications.

The API advantage

  • Global data coverage

    • With near real-time updates
    • Clean and standardized
    • Enriched (litigation, valuation, licensing)
  • Superior technology

    • Open API standard compliant
    • Best developer experience
    • Unparalleled performance
    • Ease of integration
  • Services and support

    • Integration and deployment support
    • Performance tuning assistance
    • Technical helpdesk

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