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172,399,232 global patent records
Comprehensive enriched high-quality data in your hands
164 jurisdictions covered
Directly integrate our comprehensive and diverse dataset with your internal systems

Our Data Categories

Whatever your specific data needs are, we can help. Our AI-powered Connected Innovation Intelligence platform offers patent, biomedical, chemical, tech, financial, academic, and research insights.

Patent Data

  • 171+ million patents in 164 countries
  • 160+ million legal status data points in 106 countries
  • Design patent datapoints for 94 countries
  • PDF data for patents in 75 countries
  • Licensing, litigation, and transfer data in 70+ countries

Biomedical Data:

  • 710+ million sequences
  • 650+ million sequence-specific patents

Chemical Data:

  • 50+ million chemical patent insights
  • 1 million reaction datapoints
  • 22+ million non-patent insights
  • 700,000+ clinical datapoints
  • 225,000+ drug insights

Our Data Solutions: Bespoke or Plug-and-Play, You Choose

Solution: Data interfacing with OpenAPI

Need a bespoke solution? Then our OpenAPI is for you.

This option includes:

  • Fully customizable, self-built platforms that improve internal management systems and enrich data capabilities
  • Constant flow of regularly updated data, available on demand
  • A developer portal account and APIs

Solution: Export of Local Data Packages

Looking for a specific topic or plug-and-play option? Then our local data package is for you.

This option includes:

  • Bulk imports such as self-built topic libraries, one-off subject research, as well as other scenarios where the scope of the patent is defined but the updates are infrequent
  • Speedy acquisition of batch patent data with periodic updates
  • Files are accessible via Excel and JSON