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Why PatSnap

Imagine a world where you can gain instant access to billions of data points, extract key information, identify market opportunities, mitigate risk and innovate in a fraction of the time.

With PatSnap, the world you’ve just imagined is possible.

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What is AI connected innovation intelligence?

Connected innovation intelligence is the process of combing through and connecting billions of data points via AI-powered technology and machine learning. Information such as tech news, scientific research, investment data, market reports, mergers and acquisitions, litigation, licensing, patent data and much more, is brought together to give innovators a 360-degree view of the marketplace.

Our connected innovation intelligence platform allows users to quickly filter through data, extract key insights, identify market opportunities and make better business decisions.

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Connecting the dots so you can unlock your innovation potential

Trusted by more than 10,000 customers, including the world’s leading innovators.

Meet customer demands—now and in the future

Innovate faster than the competition

Protect, manage, and advance IP portfolios

Increase the R&D efficiency and reduce risk of new projects

Anticipate, identify, and capitalize on opportunities across industries

Proactively assess, manage, and mitigate risk

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The PatSnap Advantage

  • Patented Machine Learning & AI Technology

    Our patented machine learning and AI-powered technology enables users to seamlessly comb through, connect, and analyze billions of cross-industry innovation and IP data points in a fraction of the time.

  • Easy-to-Use

    Built for innovators by innovators, our modern interface is intuitive and easy-to-use regardless of IP skill level. PatSnap simplifies the research process and makes it easier to turn insights into actionable intelligence.

  • Unrivaled Breadth of Data

    With billions of global datapoints co-located within the same product eco-system, PatSnap customers have a two-fold advantage over competitors — they spend less on innovation tools while increasing data insights.

  • Increased Pace of Innovation

    With a team of 250+ R&D engineers, we speed up the pace of innovation for our customers by continually investing in AI improvements and technological advancements.

  • Connected Innovation Intelligence

    We connect the dots of innovation so our customers can bring better products to market faster, make more informed business decisions, and mitigate risk.

  • Enhanced Cross-team Collaboration

    Our platform is built for cross-team collaboration and offers workflow tools that improve team efficiency and communication, while increasing overall productivity at every step of the innovation journey.