Game-changing innovation starts with the right intelligence

Valuable innovation signals are drowning in an ocean of disparate data. We partner with innovators to find those signals, connect the dots, and turn that data into actionable intelligence.

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What is AI connected innovation intelligence?

Data of all kinds and varieties are needed to research a new idea and develop a coherent, commercially successful, innovation and IP strategy. Data found in patents, combined with many rich sources of alternative data – science research, tech blogs, investment data, market reports, grants and funding – are all vital. Connected innovation intelligence brings together all these sources. It uses AI to separate the signal from the noise, and it draws connections from one data set to the next. Our platform brings together over 250 million innovation and IP datapoints so that you – and your team – can confidently validate your decisions before making them.

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Connecting the dots so you can innovate better

Every day 8,000 customers use PatSnap’s connected innovation intelligence to help them make the right decisions.

Meet customer demands—now and in the future

Innovate faster than the competition

Protect, manage, and advance IP portfolios

Increase the R&D efficiency and reduce risk of new projects

Anticipate, identify, and capitalize on opportunities across industries

Proactively assess, manage, and mitigate risk

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The PatSnap Advantage

  • A platform built to connect

    AI and machine learning enabled platform connecting millions of innovation and IP data points cross-industry, to give actionable innovation intelligence in one place

  • For IP and R&D teams

    Long-standing experience in supporting both IP and R&D departments, providing a platform to enhance collaboration, alignment and bring teams closer together

  • Making IP data accessible for all

    We make IP data accessible and actionable for teams outside of legal, connecting this with other datasets for innovation and R&D teams

  • Making sense of global data

    PatSnap offers an unrivalled lens into the Asia-Pacific region. Our global footprint and local partnerships together provide a breadth of data that truly bridges East and West

  • Improving productivity

    Our platform and collaboration tools seamlessly integrate into your workflow to improve team efficiency and productivity at every step of the innovation and IP journey

  • Supporting innovation

    We invest in AI and innovation, with a strong team of 250+ R&D engineers that integrate the latest technologies resulting in a product that customers love and trust

We partner with the world’s best innovators